Client Spotlight: Brumble Bikes

Meet Lemonlight client Brumble Bikes!

Rhode Island-based Brumble Bikes is a bike shop with a self-proclaimed focus on great products and services for road cyclists. In the video featured below, we took a seasonal spin to the traditional brand video and focused on an underrepresented topic in cyclist culture: the importance of winter outfitting. Here are a few tricks we used to make it work.

Establish with the right shot. Setting the tone of your video upfront is so important, which is why we chose a shot featuring snow falling in a forest as the perfect opening shot for a winter outfitting product video before introducing the brand.

Think like a narrative director. At 0:12, we use a filmmaking trick often used in narrative filmmaking called a flash forward jump cut. While Brumble founder Amos Brumble talks about his favorite rides happening at night during winter, we “jump” forward to shots of a cyclist pedaling through harsh conditions at night, then jump back.

To change minds, change the aspect ratio. After focusing on the benefits of properly fitted winter clothing for cyclists, we use a change in aspect ratio at 0:53 seconds to emphasize the action of taking off into the night, and use a series of nighttime biking action shots to show the excitement of riding at night when properly geared up.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey