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Brand Video Production

A brand or explainer video serves a powerhouse tool in your marketing mix worthy of serious consideration. The right video can be incredibly effective in engaging online audiences as it communicates your story in a compelling way and helps to build relationships with potential customers.

What is a Brand Video?

A brand video, also commonly known as an explainer video, is created to inform online visitors about your company. Your story is one of a kind; providing customers with background information about the company’s history, mission, and products or services offered is a great starting point in converting prospects into loyal brand ambassadors.

Online Engagement

It is no surprise that a superb brand video serves as a sound method of enhancing the online experience for visitors and can help to significantly increase the time on site. In a recent article, Tony Haile argues that companies have an average of 15 seconds to capture the attention of the average reader. Not only that, but Haile believes: “The most valuable audience is the one that comes back.”

Growing the time on site is important to a company for many reasons; HubSpot reports that “The longer someone remains on your site, the more likely they are to convert on an offer or display some other trackable form of purchase intent.” They go on to say: “Time on site is an indicator of how much and how deeply readers want to interact with your content. If someone is on your site longer, they’re more engaged.”

From a web analytics perspective, the longer a visitor stays on your website, the more positively Google views your online presence. Time on site is a key factor in dwell time, which Search Engine Journal reports is “a critical, but often overlooked facet of search optimization. Dwell time is a user-based metric that Google uses to decide how to rank your site.”

User Experience

It is no surprise that video brings dimension and life to your message. Your captive audience will get to know the personality of your brand through your team’s artful and strategic video execution. The takeaways from the video will depend on the format, setting, actors, music or sound effects, film production, and editing style chosen. Simply put, video engages all five senses in a way that other means of marketing cannot, even when compared against a gorgeous full-color advertisement, a beautifully written blog post or an educational podcast, just to name a few.

Video Production

Building an effective video begins with the right creative strategy and should include professional video production. Look for a team that is well-versed in the industry, with an up-to-date portfolio and a host of satisfied clients. The knowledge base they bring to project meetings will add a layer of dimension to your strategy, ideally resulting in a finished product that will represent your vision brilliantly. Research your film production options and meet with multiple prospective companies before moving forward with your plan. As a key component in your marketing strategy, your video should captivate visitors and make a convincing argument about why your company is the ideal option for potential customers.

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