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Why Video is Crucial to Your Marketing Automation Strategy

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Marketing automation is not a trend, it’s a staple. Read more to understand why marketing automation can do a lot more than “send emails”.

So, if you haven’t figured this out yet, we live in a visually driven society that relies on marketing automation. We don’t want to read anything; we want information spoon-fed to us. If I’m on a website looking to buy a brand-new laptop, do I want to read a technical description of it!? Of course not! I want to view pictures and watch a video featuring someone actually using and enjoying it! As a small business owner presenting your stuff to the world, you must be a professional, but you can’t think like one, or you’ll be driving away all your potential buyers. You have to think like them. They want their shopping experience to be easy and enjoyable. That’s where a video marketing strategy comes in.

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Even with online videos, you have to be careful. Consumers don’t usually want to take too much time searching for a product, so don’t create a 20-minute-long ramble of all the technical details of your product or service; keep it to 1 to 2 minutes, and just include the basic stuff you know your clients are going to need. Make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Remember that marketing automation isn’t just key for the purpose of your business and your video marketing strategy, but it’s key to your customers, as well!

In a recent Demand Metric study, nearly 70% of respondents agreed that video engagement data is effective as a lead quality or business opportunity indicator, but only 9% of companies have actually integrated video viewing data with their CRM or marketing automation systems and are actively exploiting that data. 9%!

I’m sure you’ve all seen by now the strategy most businesses use (or should be using) to market their stuff: bright, flashy logos, interactive content, and online videos–lots and lots of online videos. But videos don’t just help consumers; potential business partners and investors don’t want to read text, either! Video marketing can help build and improve relationships with those important connections, as well.

The most important thing in all of this is to make sure your customers know that you really love what you’re doing. After all, nobody wants a sales pitch from someone who’s obviously just trying to make a quick buck. People find enjoyment in seeing other people enjoying themselves, so have fun with it!

At Lemonlight Media, our top priority is a price tailored to the needs of your company that gets you a video tailored to the needs of your company. It’s everything you’re looking for in an online ad without the hassle, delays and inflated prices.

Why not give it a try? We aren’t satisfied with your video until you are. Let’s see how excited your new customers can be!

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