Why to Work with a Production Company

If the last time you filmed a video was for a 10th grade school project, you might be overwhelmed by the latest buzz around creating video content for your business. You’ve probably heard the benefits by now, like the fact that 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI. But, how are you supposed to capitalize on that opportunity if your production skills are rusty (or, okay, nonexistent)?

This dilemma is part of the reason video production companies exist. If you aren’t familiar with the role of a production company, its purpose is to handle everything about video production so that you don’t have to manage it internally. Typically, this includes everything from the initial brainstorm all the way through the final edit. 

This option provides a couple of different solutions for businesses. For companies whose teams have video skills but lack the capacity to execute video content at the scale they’d like, production companies free up the employees’ time for other projects. For companies whose teams don’t have video experience, production companies make it possible to create high-quality video content in the first place.

Here are a couple of other benefits of hiring a production company that your team should consider when building out your video strategy. 

Higher-Quality Video

If the best video you could produce internally would involve an iPhone and iMovie, there’s nothing wrong with that! But, the content’s quality will be undeniably better when you work with a production company. Production companies have skilled crew members, access to top talent, and work with professional equipment. They know what it takes to make a great video, and are familiar with common mistakes and how to avoid them. This experience can be especially useful if your video concept is going to be more complex. 

Additionally, when you put together a video team from your existing employees or freelancers, it’s hard to guarantee that the individuals will be able to collaborate effectively. Collaboration is important when it comes to interpersonal communication, but it’s doubly important when it comes to the compatibility of equipment, software, editing styles, and other professional preferences. 

Working with a video production company takes the stress out of this scenario. You can trust that a video production company will be able to deliver a video that looks professional every time, with much less headache than it would take for most companies to hit that quality level themselves.

Proven Expertise

With an experienced production team comes a wealth of knowledge that can be useful in developing your concept or making creative choices along the way. 

One thing we specialize in at Lemonlight is tailoring your video content to match your specific marketing goals. If you have no idea what a successful video campaign might look like, that’s okay! That’s where we come in. We’ve made over 7,600 videos for clients in every industry, so we’ve become experts at what’s effective and what’s not for the goals you’re trying to reach.

Without this expertise, companies often make videos that don’t have a specific purpose or goal at all. While you could still create a successful video this way, it’s not the best approach to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. Your videos should be intentionally moving your business goals forward, so nailing down your goals and then tailoring your content to those goals is critical. 

Video production companies are familiar with this process and will spend time getting to know you and your company before they get started on any aspect of the video. This alignment is critical, and people who try to DIY their video content sometimes miss out on opportunities to achieve the impact they want. 

Supportive Partner for Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies are often involved in creating video content for their clients, but not all agencies have in-house video teams. For agencies that do have in-house video teams, it can be expensive and inefficient to reach clients that are located in other parts of the country (or world!). That’s where a video production company comes in. 

At Lemonlight, we’ve worked with countless agencies to support the video content that they concept for their clients. Since our videos are both high-quality and affordable, our agency partners trust us to create video content that they’re proud to show off. By partnering with a video production company, the agency’s internal teams are freed up to delight their clients and integrate the video content into a larger marketing strategy. 

Clearer Budget and Timeline

Unless you create video content regularly, it can be challenging to get accurate estimates for how much production will cost and how long it will take to get a final video. 

Video production companies are very familiar with the costs and timeframes that are associated with each component of production, so it will be easier for them to set accurate expectations—and stick to them. Say goodbye to the days of cringing when you’re over-budget or a project takes months longer than anticipated!

All-Inclusive Process

The video production process can seem daunting at first glance. There are lots of steps involved, from the initial brainstorm to writing a script, getting props, all the technicalities of production and editing, and more. One benefit of working with a video production company is that they handle everything. 

They’ll take your marketing goals, your vision for the creative concept, your budget and timeline, and any other criteria you give them to make the video of your dreams. You’ll get updates throughout the process, but you won’t get bogged down by every detail the way you would if you were managing the production yourself. Production companies are a one-stop-shop, which saves many companies time and resources in the long run. 

Opportunity for Future Content

Finally, working with a video production company means cultivating a relationship. If you end up needing new content at any point in the future, they already have a wealth of information about your preferences and how your business works. You can also work directly off of the previous content, noting what you loved and what you want to change for the next video. 

Working with someone who really understands your vision is rare and valuable. Video production companies can achieve this kind of rapport because they often work consistently with clients for weeks, months, or years. Many businesses will even select a video production company to exclusively handle all their future video content. This kind of relationship is unique, and it allows the video content to develop and innovate in a way that is inherently aligned with your brand. 

If these benefits sold you on the perks of working with a production company, give us a call! We can’t wait to see what we can create together.


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam