Why Agencies Can’t Ignore Video Marketing Any Longer

Let’s get real – as a marketer, you already know how important video marketing is. So why aren’t you doing it? Is it because you’re only getting involved in marketing and advertising for the first time? Or because you’ve been locked in a bomb shelter for the past fifteen years? If either of those is the case, there are plenty of resources you can use to educate yourself on the power of video content marketing in 2018. As for everyone else… there’s really no excuse!

In today’s landscape, you’re already wearing a ton of hats. You have to be responsible for optimizing and managing your client’s social media and email marketing, monitoring their web traffic and SEO, dabbling in text ads and influencer partnerships, and still trying to come up with more creative options to keep the ball rolling. Meanwhile, you’re expected to increase ROI for your clients with less and less resources. So are we really suggesting you have to go out and add a whole video production wing to your current business?

Not at all! Attempting to be all things to all people isn’t always the best strategy. The problem is, clients DO need a range of marketing services, and video can (and should) be incorporated into all marketing channels when possible.

For better or worse, your client’s marketing managers will find weak points in any marketing strategy. If your agency doesn’t cover video, they’ll find one that does. This is why a strategic partnership can be particularly ideal, especially when your team is strapped for time — your agency’s most precious resource.

Today, we’re exploring three reasons why you can’t ignore video marketing any longer – and why you should be partnering with a video production company to create videos for your clients instead.  

1. There are major benefits to offering video services to your clients.

Video marketing goes beyond slapping a video up on a client’s homepage and social channels and calling it a day. Video content can actually be used to improve results along every step of your clients’ customer journeys.

Whether you’re trying to help your client attract more customers, engage more visitors, nurture more leads, or delight more of their followers, you’re doing them and yourself a massive service by integrating video into your marketing campaigns across all your various efforts.

Take a look at these impressive video marketing facts:

  • Video drives 157% more web traffic from search.
  • Using video in your email marketing increases CTR by over 90%.
  • Landing pages with videos increase conversions by 80%.
  • 76% of marketers have reported video content as increasing sales.
  • 81% of people report being convinced by video to buy a product.

These points are just the tip of the iceberg; the data really is in video’s favor. While it’s a superficial point, it’s an important one: As a marketer, your business depends on getting credit for positive results. By partnering with a video production company and offering video marketing services, you get to do just that.   

2. Being a full-service agency today is a necessity.

As a marketing service provider of any kind, you need to be focused on how to maximize all of your client’s marketing efforts, which is especially true if you want to be a full-service agency. With so many marketing and distribution channels today, it’s impossible for any agency to do a complete job for their client without offering video services.

By partnering with a video production company, you can provide consistency in brand messaging across all distribution channels. This way, you provide the best results possible by aligning all of your client’s marketing under one cohesive strategy, which can be difficult to achieve when dealing with multiple outside agencies you don’t have an established relationship with. Not to mention, you’re also minimizing the number of relationships your client has to manage by giving them one account manager from start to finish.

Think of it like this: Your client’s business is in trouble, and they need all the help they can get. With a limited team and few resources, they can’t handle it all. Instead of going to one agency for advertising, another for graphic design, and another for video, they can go straight to you. They’ll think you’re doing it all — in reality, you’ll be handling what you do best and working with a video production team to create videos from start to finish. It’s a team effort that helps simplify workflows and drive amazing results for your clients.

Creating and maintaining a partnership with a video production company not only gives you a competitive edge on agencies who don’t offer video services, it can be a consistent source of new leads as well. Lately, this practice has been used more and more frequently by larger agencies that choose to engage single-service niche agencies to manage their specific area of expertise on a larger campaign. It builds more relationships and gives both brands more exposure.

3. You have experts creating video, while you reap the reward.

One of the most criticized downsides of being a full-service agency is the lack of specialization. Being a niche provider, you’re able to hone your expertise to be as competitive as possible.

By partnering with a video agency like Lemonlight, you get to take advantage of our competitive skill set and offer it as your own. That way, you can focus on your own strengths and continue to improve on your internal team’s work.

Additionally, through a strategic partnership, you get access to another team’s built-in resources, foregoing the upfront costs of launching your own video production department, which include procuring or renting film and sound equipment, hiring or training additional team members, and acquiring or renting production and post-production facilities.

However, building the proper trust to form a lasting partnership can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to be able to hone in on whether or not a video production company’s KPIs align with your own. Do your homework to research a potential partner to verify their reputation before anything gets formalized.

Remember: Partnerships are relationships. They need to be nurtured and mutually beneficial to both parties. Make sure that you’re willing to work diligently with your partner and involve them in the project at the earliest stage necessary so their work can be the best it can be. If you don’t allow your partner-company enough time to be successful, their work will reflect poorly on you, too.


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Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey