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Why a Business Video Is a Must-Have for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Must-Read Facts About Business Videos and Why It Is Needed in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy.

For as long as we’ve had movies, TV shows, and Online business videos, we’ve had commercials. They’re absolutely everywhere. And why wouldn’t they be? They work, and they work very well. They create familiarity between companies and their consumers, whether it’s a brand that’s been around forever or one that’s just coming into the spotlight. Unfortunately though, for as long as we’ve had commercials, only big businesses have been able to afford the production costs. That’s not the case anymore. Now, small businesses and mega-corporations alike can both create high-quality, visually stunning, and most importantly effective business video advertisements!

How, you ask? One word: Lemonlight. A fellow small business that provides you with an affordable way to make professional business videos that highlight all of the great things about your company and present them in a beautiful new way. Everything from camera angles to colors are carefully considered in order to make your ad as effective as possible to your target market.

Now, your business videos won’t be appearing at the Super Bowl, but you don’t want that anyway. The Super Bowl happens once a year and is forgotten about a few weeks after it’s over. You want your business videos to appear where people spend a good amount of their time all throughout the year- social media. That’s where Lemonlight comes in (again), because not only will you get incredible business videos, you’ll get access to incredible video marketing expertise. For instance, did you know that smartphone users are 1200x more likely to watch and share ads and content from brands? We know that a consumer gets a more personal connection when seeing a business video ad on their phone, but we give you the choice of where you want to put the focus.


Either way, from concept to completion, Lemonlight is a company that will create something completely novel that makes you look really good, and then put it in front of thousands of your potential customers. Digital marketing is huge in this day and age, so work with someone that understands how to play the game (that’s Lemonlight).

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