You’ve Finished Your Business Video, Now What?

The first step was to make a video. The second step, read this post to know where to place it. The third step, become a legend because your business video rocks!

You know that you need a video that showcases your brand and entertains your audience.

You know that it needs to be short, funny, and informative.

Finally through hours of painstaking shots and editing, you did it! You created a business video production that your entire marketing department is happy with.

Now what?!

Use video marketing as an introduction to your company!

The reason that you spent so much time on your video production is that you realized that you can use it anywhere, at any time, for any reason. Properly managed, that investment in your video can pay off infinitely – literally until infinity (or until the Internet breaks down).

Video marketing online cannot be compared to any other form of video advertising – if you try to market on TV or radio, you have to pay maintenance costs in order to keep your video in the eye of the consumer. Depending on how you use your video, you can introduce your company to new customers for decades!

Put your business video in strategic locations

You can literally put your video anywhere you want to – as an intro to your landing page, as a contextual video on your social media accounts, even as your preroll ad on other videos. If you do not know how to do this, give us a call. The process is slightly technical, but it can definitely be done!

Loop your video in your storefront

Yes, you need to continue to advertise yourself when people have walked through the door! Have you ever heard of buyer’s remorse vs. post-purchase party? Basically, after you have made a sale, your customer will decide whether he was awesome for buying it or he made a mistake. Do you know the best way to make sure that your customer is satisfied? Continue to engage them and show them the value of your products or services!

Use the business video to completely upgrade your email marketing campaign

Your emails might be boring if you are not including a poignant and precise video at the head of the presentation. Do you know what your competition is doing right now? Lap them with the right audiovisual production and instantly increase your conversion rates – including a video in an email increases conversion rates by more than 50%!

Make your video advertising seem more like a fun time at Disneyland than an ad

No one responds to the hard sell anymore. Use the above tips to create a campaign that will bring the world to its knees. However, make sure that you do not neglect the campaign around the video either! The rest of your marketing will inform how the public sees your video.