Viral Video of the Week: “Vimeo Can Help”

We’re always looking for inspiration from around the internet and we do our best to keep up with what our fellow creators are up to. That’s why, when something makes a splash in the video world, we’re all ears.

This week, that something is a new video ad campaign from video hosting platform Vimeo. A more offbeat video platform than YouTube, its mainstream counterpart, it only made sense for Vimeo to create an offbeat video series as part of their first ever big marketing push. Developed with creative agency Fig and directed by Alex Prager, a Vimeo creator and Emmy Award winner, the “Vimeo Can Help” campaign is a series of 14 videos that feature unlucky characters in horribly uncomfortable situations that playfully insinuate Vimeo can help… “but only with your videos.

Source: CNBC

The company’s first brand video campaign of any kind, Vimeo created the video series to target mainstream creators and promote the platform’s creator-friendly tools and services. The campaign even includes a few not-so-subtle jabs at YouTube, with plans to roll out ads before YouTube videos that say, “This is an ad before your video. Vimeo doesn’t have these.”

Pretty tongue-in-cheek, but it’s all in good fun as Vimeo doesn’t see YouTube as a direct competitor due to their differences in strategy. According to Vimeo CMO Harris Beber, their company targets and monetizes creators, as opposed to monetizing content itself.

So why do we like these videos? They’re just plain fun! As a series, they tie perfectly together and make more sense together, all while touching consumers at different points for greater brand memorability. They’re also an expert use case for humor, which can be totally hit or miss.

Check out a few of our favorite videos from the series, along with why we like them, below.

Why we like it: First of all, have you ever been to New York? Relatable. Second, watch the way the video raises the stakes from a single cougher to an entire cacophony (sound-pun intended) of subway problems, all in one shot. Your skin crawls, you sink into your seat while watching it – the discomfort is palpable.

Why we like it: Another great build-up, your expectations here are set for one bad thing to happen, but then the bad things just keep coming. Also, listen to the creative use of sound design as the man’s whole world literally comes crashing down. It’s an amazing use of sound and set design that’s got us taking notes.

Why we like it: The comedic timing on the editing here is excellent. As the woman realizes the power of her laser pointer and throws it on the table, we cut to a medium shot of her boss as the curtains she just fried drop behind him. Timing is crucial and, though it’s not the best video in the bunch, it’s a fun and creative take on typical, day-to-day office drudgery.

Why we like it: This one’s a slow build before you realize what the “problem” is. But once your focus drifts from the center of the frame and you realize what’s going on, it’s pretty great. Also, the volume of the background sounds getting louder is a nice touch, helping each of us recall the awkwardness of this scene in our own lives.

Why we like it: This whole video series is clever, but even if you know where this one’s going, it still makes you laugh when you get to the “uh-oh” at the end. That’s what good acting will do – elevate your video from good to great!

This video series is a great example of how brand videos are best when they capture what’s great about your company’s brand – in Vimeo’s case, the creativity of the platform’s creator community. On that front, these brand videos definitely deliver.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey