Video Marketing Ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah

The holidays are a time for getting together and spending time with loved ones. They’re also a great time to shop! 

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is a part of your audience’s holiday celebrations is to share your brand via video marketing. Use the ideas below to create a marketing video for your business to boost engagement and sales all winter long!

Send a Holiday Greeting Video 

Let your audience know how much you care by sending out a holiday greeting video. 

If you want to keep things simple, create a brief video wishing your customers a wonderful holiday season and thanking them for their support this past year. They will appreciate the sentiment!

If you have the budget and time to do something a bit more creative, however, there are plenty of innovative ways you can tell your audience how much you care. 

One unique idea is creating a holiday lip-dub, where you and your staff lip-sync a popular holiday song.    

For example, in 2017, ADsmith created a holiday lip dub of the song “Jingle Bell Rock” with their entire staff. This creative video introduces you to their office and makes you feel more connected with the team. In the end, they wish their audience a Merry Christmas. 

If you aren’t into singing, there are still plenty of unique ways to wish your audience a happy holiday. 

For example, EF Corporate Solutions created a unique season’s greetings video in 2020. 

In the clip, they show several staff members video calling from their homes. Each person says “Merry Christmas” in a different language before holding up a piece of paper to their computer screen. When all of the papers are held up, they form the word “Together.” Next, they show a slide that says, “Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021.”

The unique video shows that their staff is still “together” despite being physically apart during the pandemic. Simultaneously, they show cultural togetherness by wishing their audience Merry Christmas in different languages. This season’s greetings video makes the viewers feel like part of the family! 

As you know, the holidays are one of the biggest shopping periods of the year, since everyone is buying gifts for the important people in their life. That makes it the perfect time to advertise a holiday sale to encourage your customers to add your products to their Christmas or Hanukkah wish lists! 

One idea is to use video to promote a “12 Days of Christmas” or an “8 Days of Hanukkah” Sale, where you’ll advertise special offers during each day of the event.

When the time arrives, release daily clips informing your customers about your special offers. To increase audience engagement, you can even include a raffle or giveaway that will be drawn on the last day of your event. Make sure your videos are shareable on social media so your audience can send your promotional videos to their family and friends!

Do a Christmas or Hanukkah “How-To” Video 

The holiday season can be pretty hectic with all of the cooking, gift-giving, and family gatherings. So, why not make your audience’s life a bit easier this upcoming December by creating informative how-to videos?

For example, you can teach audience members who celebrate Christmas how to properly set their tables, decorate their trees, or cook a delicious ham. 

For viewers who celebrate Hanukkah, you can teach them how to make potato pancakes, doughnuts, and other popular treats. You can also teach them how to create Hanukkah decorations, such as a dreidel garland or a wreath shaped like the Jewish star.

How-to videos demonstrate to your audience that you are here to help them make it through this busy season. If you’d like, you can also include your products or services in the how-to video for some subtle advertising. 

One great example of this is a cooking video by King Arthur Bakery. In the clip, they show their audience how to make delicious cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning! 

They demonstrate each step and provide the viewer with a list of ingredients to make shopping a breeze. One of the ingredients they use is King Arthur’s Bread Flour. This enables them to market their product while still providing their viewers with content they actually want to watch. Win, win!

Show the Spirit of Christmas in the Works 

If you’ve ever seen A Christmas Carol, you’ve likely come to realize that Christmas is more than presents, sales, and, for businesses, bringing in revenue. As Scrooge comes to realize, the holidays are all about showing love and compassion to those who need it the most. 

So, partake in the true meaning of Christmas this year by donating some of your business’s time or money to charity. Then, create a video telling your audience about your efforts and how they can help. 

For example, you can create a video of your employees volunteering at a soup kitchen or a gift drive. Then, let your viewers know how they can assist in your efforts. Or, you can inform your customers that you will be donating a percentage of sales to charity for the month of December.

Make sure your video focuses on the organization you’re supporting instead of on your business. If you are too sales-y with your content, the clip may come off as disingenuous. 

Your audience will be happy to support a business that cares about more than the bottom dollar. Additionally, these kinds of videos can increase brand loyalty—especially among younger generations—since they love supporting businesses who give back to important causes!  

Give Your Business a Holiday Tradition

Many families have holiday traditions that have been passed down for generations. 

For example, some families participate in the “Christmas Pickle,” where they hide a pickle-shaped ornament in their Christmas tree. Whoever finds it is thought to have good luck for the next year! 

Others take part in food traditions, such as always making their grandma’s chocolate pie or heading to their favorite bakery to get cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. 

Traditions are important, and they’re often what make the holidays feel so special. So, why not make your business a part of your audience’s holiday traditions? 

You can create a marketing video showing how your product or service can become an integral part of your audience’s Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations. 

One great example of this is a 2009 marketing video created by Folgers. The video depicts a brother returning from South Africa on Christmas morning. He is greeted by his sister, who is excited about his return. They go into the kitchen, and he is excited to have a “real cup of coffee” with his family. 

This ad associates Folgers with togetherness, Christmas, and spending time with family. It shows why a cup of coffee on Christmas morning is a meaningful tradition. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a cup of Folgers! 

Final Thoughts 

The holiday season is the perfect time to create a marketing video to share your brand with your audience and tell them how your business can make their Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday they celebrate better than ever before! 

Whether you choose to send a holiday greeting video, show your audience how to make something special for their loved ones, donate to a charitable organization, or demonstrate how your business can be a part of your audience’s holiday traditions, this is the perfect time to showcase your brand and demonstrate what you are all about.

Chelsea Nelthropp

Chelsea Nelthropp