Video Advertising Is Number One

Video advertising is number one. It always has been.

Business videos are taking over in the workplace. Affordable videos and video marketing are taking over on the web. High-quality advertising is within reach of everyone now!

Think back to the days of network television! Which products had the most sales? Which companies made the most profits? They were the ones that took advantage of the iron triangle of capitalism: mass production, mass marketing, and mass media.

Until the Internet, smaller companies had trouble competing with the big polished brands of soft drinks, detergent and automobiles, so they went the other direction: quirky, entertaining and fun.

Now, the whole world is tuned in to the Internet, social media and online video, and that means it’s time for your business to consider the idea of an online commercial. What if small businesses could overcome cost and produce a fun video to advertise their business and then target it directly at their audience?

That’s what we do at Lemonlight Media! We have an audience analysis system with over 200 data points we use to find exactly the right audience for your message! It’s like knowing who your future customers are before you even introduce yourself!

Building relationships with those customers is the key to growing your business. Whether they are new or long-standing fans of your products, getting your message out to them in a form that is at once entertaining, informative and exciting is more and more important in today’s business world where attention spans are dwindling and being heard over the noise is key.

You might think a video like this is expensive, and if you hire another company you might be right! At Lemonlight [] Media, our top priority is a price tailored to the needs of your company that gets you a video tailored to the needs of your company. It’s everything you’re looking for in an online ad without the hassle, delays and inflated prices.

Why not give it a try? We aren’t satisfied with your video until you are. Let’s see how excited your new customers can be!

Start now!