What To Expect from VidCon 2021 This October


VidCon 2021 has been canceled due to increasing COVID-19 concerns. Please see the statement from the VidCon team below for more information. We’re going to leave the full article up for anyone who wants more information about what the event was going to entail, but stay tuned for updates about the June 2022 iteration of the event. 

“We were so confident that we’d be able to put on the VidCon you know and love this October and could not wait to reconnect with all of you IRL. Unfortunately, due to the recent increases in COVID-19 cases and evolving health and safety mandates, we have come to the difficult but right decision to cancel VidCon this October. We just can’t risk the health and safety of our attendees, creators, speakers, sponsors, and staff — and we want to ensure we provide EVERYONE with the very best VidCon experience. We really, really can’t wait to see you in June 2022!”
– Jim Louderback, General Manager of VidCon

The 11th annual VidCon US has been canceled, but we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Anaheim Convention Center June 22 – 25, 2022. All 2021 VidCon ticket/merch orders that do not contain Single-day tickets will automatically be transferred to the 2022 event, but you’re also welcome to request a full refund up until June 3, 2022. Because the Single-day ticket offerings for the 2022 event will be different, all orders containing Single-day tickets will be refunded in full by September 3, 2021. Refunds will be issued to the original card used for payment — if this information has changed, you need to reach out to your bank so they can redirect these funds to the correct account.

For attendees who purchased On Demand tickets or bundles, please note that access to streaming content will now begin in July of 2022.

If you would like to request a full refund for your VidCon US 2021 order, please fill out this form.

While we’re looking forward to bringing you an amazing event in 2022 packed full of your favorite creators, industry experts, and tons of sessions and activities, we would like to note that this event will not be identical to our 2021 event in terms of the lineup and any previously-announced content.

For more information, please visit our FAQs.

There’s no doubt that millions of people are constantly creating, promoting, and writing online video content everywhere in the world. So what happens when you take the video content community, creators, and internet brands and put them in one place?

The answer is one of the biggest events in the content space—VidCon 2021.

VidCon takes place worldwide from Abu Dhabi, Australia, London, Sao Paulo, and Mexico. But this fall, the main event to rule them all will take place right in the heart of Southern California. As of right now, the event is expected to remain open to in-person attendees.

From October 22nd through the 24th, leading digital creators, platform innovators, and worldwide fans will gather together for a three-day multi-genre online video tech conference. Thousands of online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives will get the chance to come together to meet, make friends, expand their audience, and exchange industry knowledge.

VidCon was founded by YouTube creators John and Hank Green of Vlogbrothers. After ViacomCBS acquired the event in 2018, VidCon celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019 with 75,000 attendees and over 120 brand exhibitors. This year will be even bigger.

Here’s what to expect from VidCon 2021 this October.

What’s the Big Deal About VidCon?

A noteworthy element of VidCon is the accessibility for everyone in the world of video content. This conference is for the fans just as much as it’s for the content creators and the industries—big and small. As one of the largest video content conferences in the world, you have to expect everyone to be there. VidCon is a conference created with everyone in mind.

VidCon 2021 designated three different tracks this year, each with various levels of pricing and accessibility for the fan community, content creators, and the production industry. Here are the three tracks attendees can choose from.

Vidcon 2021 three tracks
Vidcon’s Three Tracks from the Vidcon website.

The Community Track

Who isn’t a fan of online video content these days? The Community Track is all about the fans of online video, content creators, and online culture. You’ll gain access to Q&As with featured creators, exclusive panel discussions, live performances, and an endless roster of events and activities through this track.

If you purchase a three-day Community Track ticket, you’ll also be able to experience one-of-a-kind shows, performances, appearances, games, and swag.

Since the community consists of fans of all ages, single-day passes for the weekend or Chaperone Tickets are also available. Adults over 18 should purchase Chaperone Tickets if they’re accompanying someone under 16 years of age.

One of the biggest perks of the Community Track is the Meet & Greet Matchmatchmaking. We’ll get more into that later.

The Creator Track

Online video content is at an all-time high, and it’s only getting more popular by the minute. The Creator Track is for aspiring creators eager to discover new ways to build their online brands and get in touch with the industry. Through this track, creators can attend panels and workshops led by leading creators and industry experts focusing on topics ranging from monetization, legal advice, video production, and more.

When you purchase a three-day Creator Track ticket, you get access to the exclusive Creator Track Reception, booths, and the annual Creator Keynote filled with inspirational conversations and performances.

If you’re looking to polish your skills and build your brand, attend networking sessions or chill in the Creator Track Lounge to swap knowledge with creators from all over the world.

Creator Track ticket holders access all the Community Track perks and leave with a 2nd Annual VidCon Creator Track Certification.

The Industry Track

2020 changed the world of digital media forever. Everyone around the world interacts with digital media, and VidCon allows them to go beyond the computer screen and meet in person. The Industry Track is the best opportunity for the digital media industry to get face-to-face time with the worldwide population of digital creators and fans. Through this track, ticket holders can discover the best practices and gain invaluable insight from some of the leading names in the business.

When you purchase a three-day Industry Track ticket, you get access to engaging debates, presentations, the Industry Track Lounge, and the Industry Track Reception.

Not sure if the Industry Track is the right option for you? Here’s a list from the Vidcon website of people who should attend the Industry Track:

  • Forward-thinking marketers
  • Brand strategists
  • Digital and social media professionals
  • Creators and influencers
  • Software developers
  • Media and advertising agency professionals
  • Television professionals
  • Video producers, showrunners, and creative executives
  • Audience development professionals
  • Business owners
  • Influencer marketers and talent teams

VidCon 2021 Must-Sees & Must-Dos

Each track at VidCon offers an exclusive perk that every attendee should experience. Here’s a breakdown of those perks.

Creator Chats are exclusive hour-long, small group sessions where attendees have the chance to talk face-to-face with a featured creator. This perk is available to people who purchase the Creator or Industry Track tickets.

Meet & Greet Matchmaking allows attendees to meet their favorite creators in the Meet & Greet Hall. This exclusive perk is available to everyone who purchases Community, Industry, or Creator Track tickets, unlike previous years. Single-day tickets cannot participate in the Matchmaking process.

The Innovation Showcase is an exclusive perk for Industry Track tickets that allows new companies the chance to be one of 12 startups selected to participate in a VidCon 2021 showcase with a six-minute presentation and demonstration.

The events and programs are endless at VidCon 2021. The Industry, Creator, and Community Track ticket holders have the chance to attend groundbreaking sessions to learn and workshop with the featured creators. Notable sessions include Black Media Matters, Women in Gaming, LGBTQ+ Represent!, Diversifying Revenue Streams, How to Provide Value to Your Audience on Instagram, Developing Ideas for Brand that Your Audience Loves, Creating Clickable Content, How Technology is Inspiring and Transforming the Next Era of Retail, and Fireside Chats with Phil Libin, Gina Bianchini, and Blake Barnes.

Who’s Going to VidCon 2021?

Tik Tok, Facebook, Pinterest… you name it, and they’re VidCon bound. The who’s who of the online video industry will be in attendance. Fans and creators worldwide will gather to meet and learn from over a dozen different industry speakers and 60 different featured creators. Some of the leading digital content spaces sponsor the three-day experience, including Tik Tok, Discord, Blackmagic Design, HiHo, and more.

Industry Speakers

The roster looks pretty stacked this year, with a diverse selection of industry speakers from select companies across the board. Here are a few to give you an idea:

  • Ray Cao – Managing Director, Global Product Strategy & Operations at TikTok
  • Aya Kanai – Head of Content & Creator Partnerships at Pinterest
  • Ben Relles – Head of Innovation at YouTube Originals
  • Evan Horowitz – CEO at Movers + Shakers
  • Shan Lui – Senior Vice President at Kyra Media
  • Jessica Richards – EVP & Head of Commerce at Havas Media Group
  • Matt Peltier – Founder & CEO at Community

Featured Creators

The VidCon experience is all about the interaction with the creators who drive the content forward. Whether you’re just a fan, an aspiring talent, or a developing industry, taking advantage of access to the featured creators is paramount. Sixty different creators from every digital genre, platform, and industry are hitting the main stage of VidCon. Visit VidCon’s website for the complete list, but here are a few to give you an idea of who will be in attendance.

Imani Barbarin – Crutches & Spice

Aside from being the mastermind behind Crutches & Spice, Barbarin is a disability activist, writer, and content creator. She is a champion of challenging the status quo and bringing awareness to issues surrounding the disability community. Her call to action is pushing for an accurate representation of disabled people in media and the complete inclusion of the disabled community.

Laura Prepon

You might remember her from popular shows like Orange Is the New Black or That 70’s Show. Prepon is a director, author, digital creator, and founder of the new kitchenware line, PrepOn Kitchen, when she’s not in front of the camera. She is an excellent example of how engagement and activation through video content can reach a new audience beyond the traditional entertainment career.

 Keith Habersberger

Once upon a time, Habersberger was just ¼ of the multi-award-winning online comedy series The Try Guys. Now, he’s the founding member of 2ND TRY, the Try Guys’ official media company, and the producer of the hit online show Eat The Menu. Additionally, Keith is part of the popular musical comedy group Lewberger with members Alex Lewis and Hughie Stone Fish.

Trevi Moran

Moran is an American recording artist, singer, and YouTube personality that rose to popularity after her appearance on The X Factor in 2012 at the young age of 13. With over 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Moran’s success is a testament to the importance of showcasing your talent and truth through the virality of video content– reaching audiences of all ages, genders, orientations, and beyond.

 Sarah Lugor

TikTok is the driving force behind digital content today, and the youth are leading the charge. Sarah Lugor is a 19-year-old first-generation Sudanese online personality who created relatable comedy from her bedroom—known colloquially as SHREKDUMPSTER. Through her engaging content, she has secured over four million followers across multiple channels, brand partnerships, speaking engagements, and interviews.

The Sponsors

Wondering who are the movers and shakers behind the largest video content conference in the world? VidCon’s sponsors are a select group of industry game-changers from every corner of the digital space.

This year, the largest sponsor is TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video and one of the most popular creative outlets for the next generation.

Another large sponsor, Discord is a multimedia communication service that creates an easy way to build relationships and hang out with online communities of every shape and size.

Lastly, Blackmagic Design is a leading name in high-quality digital film cameras, editing software, and live production tools for every level of artist.

Other sponsors include Jellysmack, HYFVE Universe, Wrapbook, HiHo, and Game Grumps.

How to Go to VidCon 2021

VidCon 2021 will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center from October 21st through 24th, 2021

Can’t make it out to southern California? This year VidCon offers an On-Demand subscription for streaming access of the live event. Here are all of your ticket options and a quick recap of the three tracks you have to choose from.

Industry Track

Industry Track 3 Day – $575

This three-day ticket grants access to all VidCon’s main events, speakers, programs, and sessions throughout the weekend.

Creator & Industry On-Demand Subscription – $199

This year-long subscription grants streaming access to all VidCon Creator & Industry Track sessions, including special international sessions.

Industry Track + On-Demand Bundle 3 Day $664

This year-long subscription grants streaming access to all Industry & Creator content plus the benefits of the in-person three-day ticket.

Creator Track

Creator Track 3 Day – $130 

This three-day ticket is for aspiring creators looking to learn how to maximize their online brand.

Creator & Industry – $199

This year-long subscription grants streaming access to all VidCon Creator & Industry Track sessions, including special international sessions.

Creator Track + On-Demand Bundle 3 Day – $219

This year-long subscription grants streaming access to all Industry & Creator content plus the benefits of the in-person three-day ticket.

Community Track

Community Track 3 Day – $90 

This three-day ticket is for fans of online video, the creators, and the culture!

Community Track Chaperone 3 Day – $80

A chaperone ticket is for adults accompanying anyone individual under 16 with Community Track tickets.

Community Track 1 Day – $45 (Saturday or Sunday)

A single-day (Saturday or Sunday) ticket if you want to experience just one day of VidCon on the Community Track. The 1 Day ticket is the most limited option.

For a full schedule, more information on VidCon 2021, and purchase tickets, visit VidCon’s official website.

Mychal Thompson

Mychal Thompson