Statistics About Video Marketing in Los Angeles

Here at Lemonlight, we love video marketing. But, do you know what else we love? Numbers.

More specifically, numbers that show how great video marketing is. Below is a round-up of great and useful information you should know about video marketing and how your business can benefit from it.

Why are Videos Useful?

The numbers that will help us here are 15, 33, 45, and 40. They refer to the 15% better recall, 33% better brand recall, 45% better message recall, and 40% increased likability that online videos provide, as opposed to more traditional advertising forms.

If you’re still not sold, maybe the number 74 will help. Videos increase the viewer’s understanding of your message by 74%.

Want a smaller number? 4.3 is the increase in reach that the same amount of marketing dollars can generate when spent on online video instead. Talk about getting your money to work harder!

So, more people will be seeing your video, but then what? We have numbers for that too!

What Impact Does Video Content Have on Marketing?

Let’s start with the number 65. That’s the percentage of people who visit a company’s website after watching their video.

Next up is 46, which is the percentage of people who take action after watching a video. That action could be asking for more information (26%), visiting the originating company (15%), or purchasing the product (12%).

We’ve got bigger numbers, too. What do 200 and 300 represent? They refer to the percent increase in click-through rates for email campaigns with video, compared to without. Then there’s 75, which is the percent decrease of subscriber opt-outs with video content, and 51, which is the percent increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates.

Oof. That’s a lot of numbers. But bear with me, because I have just one more for you.

1. That’s the number of minutes it takes to start your own video marketing campaign and watch your business’s numbers grow beautifully. One minute. Click here and schedule a free creative call to find out how we can elevate your brand’s content!

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