The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Video 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a phenomenal technology that sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Although it hasn’t been around for too long, AI has already contributed to the growth and productivity of industries throughout the world.

One industry where AI has had a significant impact is video marketing. In particular, video marketers have used AI to better understand their audience’s preferences to create curated video content.

Next, we’ll go over exactly what AI is and how it impacts industries around the globe. Then, we’ll discuss ways in which AI can help video marketers create more engaging content.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a machine’s ability to respond and make decisions in a way that would typically require a human level of cognition and expertise. The machine is able to “gain knowledge” over time, which permits it to anticipate problems and make predictions about the future.

How Does AI Impact Industries Around the Globe?

While AI may sound kind of freaky, it is a fantastic invention that is viewed positively by industry leaders around the globe.

This sentiment can be seen in the Economist’s 2018 survey of 400 senior executives. In this study, the researchers questioned industry leaders about AI, specifically on what impact they believed it would have on their company’s growth in the upcoming years.

A vast majority of the surveyed executives viewed AI as a significant technological advancement that would positively impact their company’s growth, innovation, and productivity. Additionally, about 90 percent believed that AI would be the key to solving their company’s strategic challenges.

Data shows that these beliefs are justified, since AI has already significantly impacted productivity in several industries. This is because AI helps accomplish tasks that previously required human labor, such as data analysis and predictive analytics. This frees up workers, allowing them to focus on complex issues that require human creativity and ingenuity that machines can’t mimic.

Some of the most notable AI industry advancements are found in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and the public sector. However, artificial intelligence can be helpful in other commercial enterprises as well!

How Does AI Affect Video Marketing?

Artificial intelligence is also beneficial for video marketing. We’ll discuss the main benefits of AI for curating video content in detail below.

Provides Better Data About Which Videos Will Perform Best

AI can acquire complex data about viewers’ responses to your videos, so you can find out what’s working (and what’s not working). This gives you the opportunity to modify your videos to better target your selected audiences.

For example, AI can provide data on your viewers and what type of content they enjoy. This information is helpful, especially when attempting to target individuals from different regions, countries, or demographic groups who may respond differently to the same content. It can also get more granular, looking at details like which colors on-screen generate the most viewership. These tiny takeaways would be almost impossible to learn without tech that makes the analysis more efficient.

Once you know how your target audiences are responding to your videos, you can adjust your marketing strategy to better match their preferences. You can also use your audience data to help create slightly altered versions of the same video to make it more relevant to your different audience members.

Allows for Widespread Personalization of Video Content

AI can track data about your audience’s search history, online habits, and interests. It can then use this data to create personalized video marketing material that speaks to your audience and resonates with their lifestyles.

Having the ability to create personalized content is a really good thing, considering viewers perceive curated marketing content more favorably than random advertisements. Additionally, customized ads lead to greater engagement since the content is relevant to the viewer. Some studies also show that customized content increases customer loyalty, since viewers feel as though the company is more invested in building a relationship with them.

Permits You to Test Your Marketing Strategies Beforehand

Investing in high-quality video content can be daunting, especially when you have no idea how well the marketing campaign will do. However, AI allows you to test out your video’s strategy ahead of time so you can determine whether or not it’s worth your investment.

You can release a few video clips then collect data on your audience’s engagement rate. If their engagement was high for some but not others, you can focus your energy on the more successful clips.

Additionally, you can collect data on how your viewers responded while watching the video to determine if you need to make any changes before releasing your finished product.

For example, it can collect data on when your viewers are closing your video. If several audience members are ending your video before it’s over, you can shorten or modify the content to enhance your audience’s engagement.

Gives You Exposure to New Audience Members

When you go on YouTube, have you noticed that every time you click on a video, similar videos will pop up on your screen when you’re done?

Over time, YouTube becomes so informed of your viewing habits that it will suggest video content perfectly tailored to your interests. This is all due to YouTube’s AI algorithm, which constantly filters and categorizes videos to provide you with the most relevant content. If you’re a video marketer, you can use YouTube’s (and other viewing platforms’) AI algorithms to your advantage to help increase your audience size.

To do this, you’ll just need to incorporate specific tags and phrases into your video’s description. This will help the AI algorithm recognize who your content will resonate with so it can suggest it to potentially interested viewers, thereby increasing your exposure for no additional marketing costs!


Artificial intelligence refers to a machine’s ability to “think” like a human. This unique technology is being used in industries worldwide, including healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector.

However, AI’s usefulness does not stop there! If you’re a video marketer, AI can provide data on your audience’s preferences and what they enjoy. It can also create personalized content that resonates with your viewers. Additionally, AI provides the opportunity to test your marketing strategies and discover which are likely to be the most successful.

I hope this article has taught you everything you wanted to know about video and AI! Stay tuned for future advancements in this exciting space.

Chelsea Nelthropp

Chelsea Nelthropp