The 2022 Video Marketing Landscape Report (Original Research)

2020 was a turning point for the video marketing industry. The pandemic forced businesses to change the way they operate, specifically the way they market their products and services. As a result, many businesses turned to video creative as a way to reach their customers and promote their brand.

Lemonlight conducted its own research throughout February and March 2022 to fully understand the way video production and consumption evolved due to COVID-19. It was our second year distributing the survey, this time receiving 1392 responses compared to just 517 in 2021. Our data skewed more heavily towards standalone brands and their in-house marketing teams. Of this year’s respondents, 94% worked for brands, 4% worked for agencies, and 2% responded “Other” with write-in responses like “Non-profit” and “Solopreneur.”

There’s quite a bit of information to unpack in the report, touching a wide range of video marketing and production topics. You’ll gain plenty of key insights, but some of the main takeaways include:

  • Why social media pages and websites are the most common video distribution methods that you should take advantage of.
  • Defining “edu-tainment” content and understanding why it’s becoming the future of video.
  • Why organizations are split between hiring production support and handling it internally.

To dive deeper into these topics and more, download a free copy of the full 2022 Video Marketing Landscape Report below, and be sure to contact Lemonlight for your next video production project.

Isaiah Shelton

Isaiah Shelton