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Team Member Spotlight: The Bold and The Beautiful, Chad Rogers

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Meet One of the Masterminds Behind Lemonlight, Chad Rogers.

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  • Loud. Big. Comes in only two forms: Extreme euphoria or terrifying anger.At 6 ‘7, Chad towers over most of the world, but deep down, he’s an incredibly ticklish teddy bear. Call Chad for a good time. He’ll either bring the party, or he’s at a party. (Source: Co-founder, Hope Horner)
  • Tall glass of water. (Source: Co- founder, Daniel Marlow)

Chad Rogers is one of the co – founders of Lemonlight Media and as you can tell by the definitions above, he is a buttload of fun! He has successfully teamed up with co-founders, Hope Horner and Daniel Marlow to create an incredible company that we all feel beyond lucky to be a part of.

Meet Chad.

Which is your favorite video?

Inspired Interiors. I really feel that we were able to exceed the client’s expectations based on her past video productions experiences. We were really able to capture her story.

If you could pick a song to play when you walk into the office every morning, what would it be?

Promises by Nero, because we promise to not be finished until they are satisfied.

Choose one food to have for the rest of your life.

Fish tacos

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you?

Energetic, hardworking, happy

Spirit Animal?

A Wolf

Who is your celebrity crush?

Lana Del Rey. Everytime I hear a song I’m like, ‘shes hott’

If you were a rapper, what would your stage name be?

Big Cheezy

What 3 words would your mom use to describe you?

Optimistic, passionate, loving

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

I have a lot. One time in high school, my gf at the time baked me a bday cake. I brought it to a class that we had together but she wasn’t there. The teacher decided to cut into the cake… then there was a leopard print thong inside the cake!

What Taylor Swift song best describes your life?

Let me look at all her songs first…. [5 seconds later] Never Grow Up

If you could be a part of one of the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, which one would you be in?’

I would be in Emily’s

If you were a company, what would you slogan be?

Work hard, play hard

Tom Brady or Taylor Swift?

Tom Brady duh, it’s like my nickname

What 3 things can you not leave the house without?

My computer, my phone, my business cards

Which project was your favorite to be a part of?

Habackers Glasses: They’re just great people. I just love spending time with the clients.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Ultimate dog tease video. Watch the video below.

Whats the most played song on your iPod?

Recover- Chvrches

Most recent download

Dillion Francis – Get Low

Favorite Music Festival

Coachella, DUH.

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