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11 Viral Videos and the 8 Traits That Made Them Successful

Your video goal should never be to “go viral.” Aiming only for video virality means you’ll more than likely end up with mediocre content that doesn’t meet your high expectations. That being said, hoping for high engagement,…

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7 Takeaways from Apple’s Latest Promotional Video

On Monday, arguably one of the most important tech companies in the world unveiled one of their most anticipated new projects to date: the Apple TV+ streaming service. Offering original programming, as well as channels to connect…

3 Tips to Help You Nail Your Next Lifestyle Video

Let’s be real. You have the best brand on planet Earth. Your brand’s passion for environmental responsibility is so awesome, and is probably helping to save us all from extinction 10 years from now. Unlike some companies…

Viral Video of the Week: “Vimeo Can Help”

We’re always looking for inspiration from around the internet and we do our best to keep up with what our fellow creators are up to. That’s why, when something makes a splash in the video world, we’re…

How to Make a Viral Video

Everyone wants their video to go viral. But how, exactly, does that work? Viral videos tend to have one major thing in common: they elicit strong reactions. Sometimes that reaction is laughter or joy, but often videos that…

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