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Best Valentine’s Day Video Campaigns of All Time

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and at Lemonlight, we love great video content. Every year, savvy brands across the globe set themselves apart from their competition with heartwarming Valentine’s Day video campaigns. In the spirit of…

How to Incorporate Video Into Your Crowdfunding Strategy

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide founders with a booming outlet to launch their businesses. However, not all campaigns are successful. We hear about the big winners, but the reality is that between 69 and 89…

Why a Testimonial Video Is Critical for Your Brand

As the old adage goes, “the customer is always right.” While this simple phrase is often held in high regard in retail and service industries, it hints at a more universal truth: Customer opinions are critical to…

5 Tips for Encouraging User-Generated Video Content

What Is User-Generated Content? User-generated content, or UGC as the acronym goes, is exactly as it sounds—content, written or otherwise, that your customers (or other members of your audience) create about your brand. It’s often the result…

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