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Getting Your Team On Board With Video 

After reading our blog (and virtually anything else ever written on the internet about video marketing) you probably know how valuable video marketing can be for your business. However, just because you know how powerful video marketing can…

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How Video Content Can Transform Your Recruiting Efforts

For HR teams and hiring managers, the recruitment process can be extended, drawn-out, and quite frankly, exhausting. From screening to interviewing to evaluating candidates, many steps have to take place before your company can hire the right…

5 Tips for Making a Team Video for Your Company

Having a great company culture is a great way to set your company apart—especially in today’s challenging hiring market. One way to show off your company culture? A team video. A high-quality team video will help attract…

What Video Marketers Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that helps people find ideas and inspiration for future projects. It offers a wide range of content, including recipes, home decor, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, and more. Originally, Pinterest was completely…

What To Expect from VidCon 2021 This October

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2021: VidCon 2021 has been canceled due to increasing COVID-19 concerns. Please see the statement from the VidCon team below for more information. We’re going to leave the full article up for anyone who wants…

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