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How to Promote Your Video with Amazing PR

You’ve just finished a stellar brand video. With breathtakingly beautiful visuals and the perfect song, you were able to capture the perfect vibe to sell your company’s vision and take your audience’s breath away. Best of all,…

How to Promote Your Video with YouTube Ads Step By Step

You’ve got a beautiful brand video or commercial and you’re ready for the world to see it – and most importantly, you know the value of paid promotion. Without paid ads, your video isn’t likely to reach…

Publish Your Video On These 5 Pages to Make More Sales

By now, you hopefully know you should add your video to your homepage. Putting your video on your homepage ensures you effectively communicate your message to your most top of funnel visitors. But there are so many…

How to Perfect Your Earned Video Distribution Strategy

We’ve talked about owned and paid distribution and the effect they can have on your video’s success. While they’re the most common ways to distribute your video, earned distribution can be one of the most powerful weapons…

How to Distribute Your Video on Owned Channels

If you know content is king, you probably know distribution is queen. Creating amazing, engaging video content is difficult, but distributing it can be harder. And without the proper distribution strategy, your video is doomed to fail.…

How Can Online Video Distribution Benefit My Small Business?

We’ve all seen commercials on television. One second, you’re watching your favorite drama, sitcom, or sporting event, and the next, you’re singing along to that annoying pizza commercial jingle, while simultaneously contemplating ordering pizza for dinner. If…

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