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Your Complete Guide to Amazon Advertising

If you work in B2B, you’ve likely heard about the growth of Amazon advertising. Amazon has been a huge player in the retail space for years, dominating sales and expanding to other verticals just as easily. But…

Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Bumper Ads

The idea of short video ads is nothing new. Since the launch of platforms like Vine and Snapchat, short, easily digestible video content has become a mainstay of successful digital advertising. But just how short is too…

Video Advertising on Instagram: 9 Best Practices for 2019

If you haven’t heard – 2018 has been the year of Instagram. With Facebook’s decline in public favor, and as other platforms scramble to police themselves, Instagram seems to be the only platform free from controversy (so…

Video Advertising on Twitter: 8 Best Practices for 2019

Twitter might not be the first social media platform you think of when you think of video marketing, but you need to start thinking about it and fast. Twitter boasts 335 million active monthly users, with 21…

How to Promote Your Video with YouTube Ads Step By Step

You’ve got a beautiful brand video or commercial and you’re ready for the world to see it – and most importantly, you know the value of paid promotion. Without paid ads, your video isn’t likely to reach…

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