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4 Keys to Creating the Video Ad Your Business Needs

By Hope Horner Video marketing pays. Just ask software giant Adobe. After a recent $540 million acquisition, the company now has two major video production products: Spark and TubeMogul. Adobe is one of a number of big…

Pre-Roll Advertising: Small Businesses Do It Better

If you’re not reaching consumers with video, you’re probably not reaching them at all. When it comes to video marketing, the question for marketers is no longer “Should I be doing this?” Now, it’s “How do I…

Silence Is Golden: Why Companies Are Turning to Muted Ads

As they have over the last decade, social media platforms are still redefining and reinventing advertising requirements. Twitter limits content to 140 characters, Facebook allows only 20 percent or less of the image field on its display ads to be…

How to Measure Your Advertising Results

Now that you know what a PreRoll Ad is, you’re probably wondering how you track its success! Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s the simple guide to measure your commercial’s success. Whenever someone clicks on…

Video Advertising Is Number One

Video advertising is number one. It always has been. Business videos are taking over in the workplace. Affordable videos and video marketing are taking over on the web. High-quality advertising is within reach of everyone now! Think back to the…

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