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So, You Want to Make a Great Video…

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So, you want to make a video? Great! Not only will you reap all these benefits, but you’ll have a ton of fun during the production process. (Actually, that’s our favorite part! )

There are a couple questions you’ll need to answer before getting started: What’s your objective? Who’s your audience? What type of video will you make?

The type of video you make is actually one of the most important aspects of the production process. Even video marketers themselves get confused about what constitutes the right type of video and just how many types there actually are. Not sure which is right for you? Download our eBook to find out!

Or, keep reading to learn three different strategies you can use to pick the video that’s right for you.

Once upon a time…

Humans are psychologically wired to love stories, whether it’s of the girl-meets-boy variety or the let’s-save-the-world-while-blowing-up-cars variety. This is equally true in the video marketing world. Telling a story is one of the most effective ways to capture consumer interest and build brand loyalty.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to write the next Great American Novel. Stories can be short and sweet – in fact, the shorter and sweeter. In fact, grabbing your viewer’s attention in your video’s first 8 seconds is crucial.

Here are some questions that can help you build your story:

  • Who are the people behind the company and what motivates them? Make it personal.
  • How has your product evolved over time and what might the future hold? Tell a historical narrative.
  • How could your product change the life of a stranger on a street? Address some universal needs.

Everybody has a story. It’s time to let yours shine.

Did you know?

…100 million users watch at least one online video per day?

…59 percent of executives prefer videos over text?

…a video can increase click-through rate by 96 percent?

…I’m using the strategy of information giving to grab your attention?

Informational videos give statistics, data, or facts about something and leave it to the viewer to draw the conclusions. They play on everyone’s innate curiosity and engage the viewer by making them think.

Do you have some interesting, shocking, or relevant information about your company or product? Write it all down, now! You just might have a video campaign on your hands.

Teach me how to…

YouTube star Michelle Phan reached over 2 million viewers by consistently making high-quality how-to videos. Cooking communities like Buzzfeed’s Tasty have blossomed as people teach, share, and learn how to make favorite dishes. Billions learn Photoshop, yoga, Spanish, and more online everyday.

And guess what? The people behind those videos? They’re getting massive traffic to their sites and to their product.

How-to videos show your audience you’re an expert in the field and provides them with real value. You can make a quick tutorial introducing potential customers to your field, and over time, see them turn up in person to learn the next steps. How awesome is that? You can even skip your introduction and get right down to the good stuff!

We already know you’re great at what you do. But hundreds out there don’t – yet. Do the world a favor and share your knowledge!

Aaand… That’s a wrap!

Whether you go the route of telling a story, giving information, or teaching how to do something, making a video for your business is a great idea. And you don’t have to go it alone. Lemonlight can help you every step of the way, from storyboarding to production. So schedule your consultation today, and together, we’ll figure out how to help your business soar.

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