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Pre-Roll Videos – Who, What, Why, When & Where

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Your Quick Guide to Understanding Pre-Roll Videos

The pre-roll video is your elevator pitch to the world – an audiovisual sampling of your talents and services. Unlike the elevator, however, you can be literally anywhere in the world as your video plays in locations specialized for your most highly prized customers.

Here’s a fun fact: In Hollywood, anytime a film is in motion, it’s “rolling.” Pre-roll videos got their name from this term – you are watching the film before the film that you came to see!

You have seen this digital marketing strategy employed in many places – on YouTube, on your favorite blog, or maybe as a sidebar on your mobile phone as you browse the Internet. These are the videos that make you stop and pay attention – they seem to read your mind and give you instant solutions!

Curious? Here is what you need to know.


Digital marketing business videos are now the most effective way to engage potential consumers. Do you remember the Leo DiCaprio movie “Inception”? Imagine your pre-roll videos placing ideas in a customer’s head so well, she thinks it was HER idea to visit YOUR site!


This video marketing technique can be placed virtually anywhere online. The Lemonlight value added is knowing just WHERE to place them. The pre-roll video will be so relevant to your customer, it will seem like a natural part of the online experience rather than an annoying ad!


There is an art form to pre-roll business videos – knowing WHEN to use them is what Lemonlight Media does best. For instance, we know that according to VideoNuze, videos for business that occur BEFORE entertainment content are only skipped 50 percent of the time, even if the person watching has the option to skip!


With Lemonlight Media, you can fit all of your content into your video. As a full-service logo, social media and website design company, we know just WHAT to place in your videos to ensure maximum engagement and ROI. If you are looking to combine your branding and marketing efforts in an exciting and streamlined ad package, you have definitely come to the right place!


Your video marketing goes to exactly the person that you envision. Lemonlight employs over 200 points of interest to segment your customers precisely. Lemonlight Media combines this technical expertise and research with years of experience in marketing videos for business. You can literally draw a picture of the aggregate personality or demographic that you prefer to watch your content, and we can find these people online for you!

Give us the word, and we give you the world. As a full-service video production and marketing company, Lemonlight Media wants to help your ad campaign explode onto the scene! Give us a call or an email today!

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