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What is a pre-roll video?

If you’re anything like most people, you probably hear videos terminology throw around all the time with no clear understanding of the meaning. You probably intuitively know what a commercial is, but what does it actually mean, for example?…

What are Commercials and Instructional Videos?

With so many types of marketing videos to choose from, occasionally, the differences can become unclear. What really is a commercial? What separates a how-to video from a crowdfunding video? Thankfully, we have experience with getting to…

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What are Brand Videos and Product Videos?

Video marketing can feel like a different world, and making a commercial (online or not) can seem daunting. Do you want a brand video or product video? What’s the difference between pre-roll and a commercial? It’s enough…

Statistics About Video Marketing in Los Angeles

Here at Lemonlight, we love video marketing. But, do you know what else we love? Numbers. More specifically, numbers that show how great video marketing is. Below is a round-up of great and useful information you should…

How to Make a Great Video

So, you want to make a video? Great! Not only will you reap all these benefits, but you’ll have so much fun during the production process. (Actually, that’s our favorite part.) There are a couple of questions that you’ll…

What Is a Lemonlight Anyway?

It’s an uphill battle for small businesses these days. Consumers grow savvier by the second, and they have more purchasing choices than ever before. Gone are the days of setting up a window display to lure customers…

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