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What Makes Consistency Key to Your Marketing Strategy?

“Quality over quantity.” This is the guiding maxim of a hundred million creative arts courses, plus half as many parental monologues and content marketing strategies. But how could anybody argue against it? Even before you factor in…

The What and Why of Algorithms

It seems like every few years, the exact same news story rolls around on all our tablets:  “Facebook Algorithm Change Destroys Small Businesses!” “Algorithm Alters On Instagram, Leaving Influencers Reeling!” “How Can YOU Beat The New Twitter…

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Getting Your Team On Board With Video 

After reading our blog (and virtually anything else ever written on the internet about video marketing) you probably know how valuable video marketing can be for your business. However, just because you know how powerful video marketing can…

5 Myths About Content Marketing in 2020

Let’s cut to the chase—there’s a lot of misinformation out there about content marketing. Not everyone understands what content marketing really means, what it’s for, or why it works. The reality is that content marketing—which is a…

Should I Publish My Video on My Homepage?

You’ve got a brand video. You’re starting to strategize exactly where and how to distribute it, and then you hit a wall – does your brand video actually belong on your homepage? Should you publish it on…

5 Tips for Becoming More Comfortable on Camera

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like you’re spending more time on camera lately. Between Zoom meetings, FaceTime calls, video presentations, and social video content, there are tons of ways you might find yourself being…

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