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Benefits of Ongoing Video Content

Brands and marketers in today’s digital society tend to understand the importance of using video in their content. However, video isn’t a “one and done” concept. While using one video to market your company is better than…

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How Video Captions Help Attract and Engage More Users

Video is quickly overtaking all other forms of content as the top dog when it comes to attracting and engaging viewers. Over half a billion people are watching video on Facebook everyday and one third of all…

Client Spotlight: The

For software companies, a common challenge is having difficulty in conveying how the platform integrates with the businesses that use it. It can be hard to illustrate the success of the software, how a business uses it,…

Best Valentine’s Day Video Campaigns of All Time

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and at Lemonlight, we love great video content. Every year, savvy brands across the globe set themselves apart from their competition with heartwarming Valentine’s Day video campaigns. In the spirit of…

How to Generate Ideas – Even When You’re Not Inspired

Where do ideas come from? Not even great ideas or revolutionary ideas. Just “ideas” in general. Some have trajectories that are pretty easy to track. You might glance at a random fire hydrant and wonder, “Why are…

9 Experts Share Actionable Tips for Digital Marketing in 2020

Digital marketing is everywhere, and the Internet is flooded with content about SEO, digital ads, online customer journeys, and other elements of reaching an online audience. To that end, we reached out to nine digital marketing experts…

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