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How to Measure the ROI of Video Marketing

We’ve talked about some of the key performance indicators to keep an eye on when you launch your video campaign. But how do those KPIs relate to your return on investment? How do you know if your…

How to Perfect Your Earned Video Distribution Strategy

We’ve talked about owned and paid distribution and the effect they can have on your video’s success. While they’re the most common ways to distribute your video, earned distribution can be one of the most powerful weapons…

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The Video Marketing KPIs You Need to Know

Measuring the success of your video seems pretty straightforward — most marketers think a viral video is a successful video, meaning the more views your video gets, the better. But if your only benchmark for your video’s…

Team Member Spotlight: Meet Kaitlyn Lupo

Here at Lemonlight, our employees are one of a kind. Our Account Manager Kaitlyn Lupo is no exception! A post-production guru, she’s a valued member of the Lemonlight family. Learn more about Kaitlyn below! Q: What’s your…

How to Distribute Your Video on Owned Channels

If you know content is king, you probably know distribution is queen. Creating amazing, engaging video content is difficult, but distributing it can be harder. And without the proper distribution strategy, your video is doomed to fail.…

Why Your Company Needs a Social Media Video

The combination of social media and video marketing is the most powerful way to reach potential customers. In the mid 2000s, numerous entertainment executives discovered something astonishing about online video. It was not long after YouTube launched. Social…

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