Must-Watch Video of the Week: Silk Shows Neighborly Love in Action

This week, Silk is reminding us that “neighbors are still neighbors” with its latest spot. The video is a welcome deviation from the many, many commercials featuring Zoom calls over the last few months, and it doesn’t feature the ever-popular user-generated content either.

Instead, Silk’s ad uses indoor and outdoor footage to tell a story about bridging the gap between neighbors while social distancing. The video follows a young boy who has rigged a toy car and a baseball glove to act as a carrying mechanism, allowing him to send goods back and forth with a neighbor down the street. The best part? It actually looks like your typical pre-COVID ad—normal production value and all—which is tough to accomplish in today’s environment.

Despite the unaffected look and feel of the video, the content’s message is decidedly related to the COVID experience. It gives viewers a glimpse into an interaction between two neighbors who are taking care of each other during this time by sending supplies—Silk’s almond milk and chocolate chip cookies—using the remote-controlled car. It’s a heartwarming (albeit silly) example of the many ways neighbors across the world are looking out for each other, in a manner that both makes sense for the brand and keeps a lighthearted tone. 

Overall, this video is a win for Silk—and for viewers who get a break from the video styles (we’re looking at you, Zoom) we’ve learned to associate with COVID-related content over the past several weeks. Take a look below!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam