Must-Watch Video of the Week: Progressive Keeps You From Becoming Your Parents

In this week’s spot, Progressive Insurance provides a useful service to new homeowners: a support group to keep them from becoming their parents. Using examples like not knowing how to silence a cell phone or hovering over the handyman who’s trying to finish his work, the ad pokes fun at parents’ habits—and the way many of us adopt those habits over time.

With no mention of insurance to be found in the ad, the company makes a subtle tie to its home insurance offerings by showing how Progressive “protects” new homeowners from turning into their parents. 

The choice to keep the company’s branding subtle is intentional and effective. The connection is clear without taking away from the sarcastic tone of the content itself by making a heavy-handed sales pitch. 

Watch the video below for life coach Dr. Rick’s advice about maintaining your own identity as a homeowner. 

Hint: If you have to ask yourself if you have too many couch pillows, the answer is yes. 

If you enjoy this concept, check out some of the brand’s other commercials following the same storyline here and here.

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam