Must-Watch Video of the Week: Jeep Revisits Groundhog Day

Earlier this year, Jeep featured Bill Murray in a successful Super Bowl ad that played on the fact that this year’s game happened to coincide with Groundhog Day. Now, we’re experiencing another tie to Groundhog Day—but the movie itself, not the holiday.

In the midst of the pandemic, many people are losing track of time, forgetting details like the day of the week or each day’s date. It makes sense, too. When each day will feel almost identical to the one before it, our senses of time are warped. Jeep saw the connection here and decided to point us back to the movie where each day truly is identical to the one before it.

In this new spot, Jeep ties together the Groundhog Day movie, its original Super Bowl ad, and life under stay-at-home orders. Starting with the text, “We understand that every day is starting to feel the same,” the ad goes on to encourage people to stay home and stay healthy.

“When this is over,” it promises, “the trails will be waiting.”

This Jeep ad is a great example of the creativity that brands are showcasing with video content over the last several weeks, getting resourceful with tactics like reusing old content, filming via Zoom, and sourcing user-generated content. We expect to see more innovative video techniques over the coming weeks as brands find new ways to connect with their audiences.

Keep an eye out for other examples of unique video content, and check out the Jeep ad below!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam