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Modern Video Marketing: Navigating an Ocean of Possibilities

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Videos are quickly becoming requisite for showcasing your brand, just like websites before them. Forget about those heavy, expensive video cameras used 20 years ago back when websites were the latest and greatest emerging marketing tool for reaching customers. Those cameras were a pain to lug around, you needed lots of tapes, and editing was pretty much impossible for a layperson. Fortunately, video production and marketing is cheaper, faster, and more powerful than ever today.

Think about the cost and difficulties involved with getting aerial footage for a commercial just 10 years ago, for example. At the very least, you’d need a helicopter, a pilot, a special helicopter camera and operator, and an incredible amount of time and money for a full day of filming. To put things in perspective, you can capture the same shot today in a single afternoon using a drone that fits in a backpack for a fraction of the cost.

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