Misconceptions in Video Marketing: a Screenplay

Scene: Interior office. Two characters, Miss Margaret Conception and Lemon Light, are having a conversation about video marketing over a cup of coffee.

Miss Conception: Welcome to my office, Lemon. I’m really glad to have you here. I know I need to add video to my marketing mix and I’m excited to get your advice on a few things.

Lemon Light: Glad to be here! How can I help?

Miss Conception: Well, before we start, I’d like to talk about costs. I know video is really expensive to make…

Lemon Light: Oh, actually, that’s not true anymore. While you can absolutely spend 6 figures on a video, you don’t have to. Technology has changed a lot, making quality not nearly as expensive as it used to be.

Miss Conception: Oh sweet! So, I don’t need you! I can get my nephew Gus to make us a video.

Lemon Light: Well, it’s not that simple. While it’s much easier to make a quality video, it’s more than just the tech. There’s strategy involved that we would help you with.

Miss Conception: It’s just as well. Gus is annoying.

Lemon Light: We try our very best not to be annoying.

Miss Conception: So far you’re quite pleasant and knowledgeable! Ok. Well, what we really want is a viral video. You can make one of those, right?

Lemon Light: It depends. Do you really want a viral video? Things tend to go viral because they elicit really strong reactions. It might be better to focus on creating a video that fits your brand.

Miss Conception: Did you just insert a link to a blog you wrote about viral videos into our conversation?

Lemon Light: Did I mention we are extremely talented?

[Miss Conception and Lemon Light break the fourth wall, staring directly into the camera for several seconds]

Miss Conception: Ok. So, I’m making a good-looking video about my brand. Looking good is all that matters these days, right?

Lemon Light: [laughs] No, unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Content is what really matters. You have to make an engaging video.

Miss Conception: So talking heads is a no go?

[The characters look at each other and then directly at the camera in unison. Their faces showing mixed emotions as they realize they are currently filming a talking heads scene. Miss

Conception is the first to break away, shaking her head, and continuing the conversation]

Miss Conception: What exactly do you mean by engaging? People are just going to watch and then buy, right?

Lemon Light: Oh, Margaret! Video has changed SO MUCH. First of all, there’s a lot of things people can do once they view a video, only one of which is to buy your product. For example, the viewer could share with their friends. You can also create a live video where people can comment or ask questions as you’re filming. And then there’s 360° video, which requires some decision-making on the part of the viewer. You want people to be drawn in, engaged, and encouraged to act – either during or after the video.

Miss Conception: Oh my. Live video? I’m out of my element. Well, at least I know enough to know that video is only for lead generation.

Lemon Light: Perhaps we should skip the coffee and move to something stronger?[lets out a deep breath] So, video can be used anywhere in your funnel. Think of it as an education piece – you can be educating them about what problem you’re solving, what your company stands forwhat your products do, how to use the products after they buy. The possibilities are literally endless.

Miss Conception: Literally? [raises an eyebrow]

Lemon Light: Ok they probably end somewhere. But video can definitely be used for more than just lead generation.

Miss Conception: Ok, Lemon. You’ve been a big help today. I have one last question. It’s about KPIs. Metrics. Data. Other words that make me sound important. Success is in the view count, right?

Lemon Light: Not necessarily. It depends on your goals. For many companies, success is in the return on investment. For example, if you created a video designed to get people to buy your product, did anyone buy after watching the video? If so, were sales large enough to offset what you paid to create the video?

Miss Conception: Boy howdy, when you said a lot of strategies went into this, you weren’t kidding. I’m so glad that I’ll be done with my work once the video is done.

Lemon Light: [large sigh] I’m sorry Margaret, a finished video is definitely not the end of your work

Miss Conception: Listen, if I hire you, will you just figure all of this out for me?

Lemon Light: Absolutely.

Miss Conception: You’re hired.

[dramatic handshake]

[end scene]

Rachel Carmichael

Rachel Carmichael