Do’s and Don’ts: An Outfit Guide For Your Business Video

Learn how to dress your best in front of the camera and for your business video!

The production set of a photo shoot is supposed to be a fun environment! Here is a guide of Do’s and Don’ts to help you put together your best outfit for your business video.

Do wear something comfortable

The energy that you exude in your video will come through in a much more pronounced way than anything you say. Pick an item that you feel like comfortable in and expresses your business in a professional way.

Do wear something cool

No, I do not mean cool as in James Dean cool. I mean cool as in, allows more heat to escape from your body. The lights on a professional production set or a photo shoot burn white hot, and if you are in a hot outfit, then you will sweat off all of the makeup that is hiding your discomfort because you didn’t follow step one!

Don’t wear logos!

Logos can be very distracting. Make the most of your video and don’t let other brand names or logos steal the focus of your business.

Don’t wear a busy pattern!

On camera, patterns get funky and can mess with people’s eyes. True fact. Stay classic and choose items that highlight your skin tone and features.

Do not wear anything typical!

You want to stand out! Do not let your fear of making a complete goober of yourself stop you from enjoying the experience and killing the scene! If you are working with true professionals, they will know how to edit your silliness out to benefit your company anyway!

Today’s video advertising needs to be fun in order to sell to a Millennial generation that is looking for authenticity above all else. Let your personality shine through in your choices of clothes for video advertising. Your bottom line will thank you!

PRO TIP: if your video is being shot outside, avoid wearing white.