Lead Nurturing: What It Is and How to Do It

After attracting potential customers to your brand with a compelling video, and engaging them with additional supporting video content on your website, you’ve successfully convinced a prospective lead to sign up for more information. Now what do you do with them?

At this stage in the buyer’s journey, you need to convince your lead that you are the right company to solve their problem. But you don’t want to come off as too pushy or “salesy” and scare them away. They might not even be ready to buy yet, and that’s okay! The best thing you can do for your prospective lead at this point is to nurture them.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your potential buyers and typically satisfies three goals:

  • Provide value to your prospect
  • Continue to promote top of mind awareness for your brand
  • Convert prospect into customers

The key to nurturing is to provide value. The best lead nurturing is done best by providing additional information, sharing tips and tricks, educating them on related topics, or sharing success stories.

If you’re looking for the most compelling medium for providing value when lead nurturing, look no further than video. Video content can be used across multiple channels to provide additional value to your prospective leads, including social media platforms, email marketing, webinars, downloadable ebooks, blog spotlights, and many more. By continuously sharing content, you remain top of mind for your lead, and in the best case scenario, you become a go-to resource when they have questions that pertain to your industry or service.

Here are a handful of great types of videos you can use for lead nurturing and how to use each video type most effectively.

Social Content Videos

Social content videos are a great resource for lead nurturing due to their bite-sized, fun format. This type of content offers shorter snippets of information meant to be shared on social media, usually between 10 and 30 seconds in length and meant to share one to two valuable ideas per video. You want to pepper your social channels with plenty of valuable information that any lead can find when looking for more information about your brand, product, or service. This way, you stay top of mind by sharing relevant and valuable content as frequently as possible so your lead will see you whenever they log onto their social channels.

Best Practices: Make your social content videos are valuable and relevant enough to share, so if your leads learn something that’s relevant to their industry, they can share it with other potential leads – if a video is relevant enough, informational enough, and entertaining enough, then it should be shareable enough to “go viral.” 

Before and After Videos

Meant to aid the prospective customer in visualizing themselves using your product or service, Before and After videos are a great way to nurture a lead in a way that specifically involves your product. By showing a customer what their problem looks like before, and then what it can look like after using your product, you are showing them the true value of your product or service.

Best Practices: You can host a Before and After Video directly on your homepage or use it in an email marketing campaign as part of a reminder funnel. As an added bonus, Before and After videos are great to share on social media as well, as a particularly impressive one has viral potential to be shared A LOT and often include comments like, “Wow! Can you believe this?! Or “I need one of these!”

Customer Spotlights

Customer spotlight videos highlight a particular customer who had a great experience that turned them into an advocate for your brand. These can be impressive success stories, or a heart wrenching tale of compassion in a time of need depending on whatever fits your product or service the best. The best customer spotlights tell a story that either deeply affects your lead or mirrors their own experience. 

Best Practices: Customer spotlights can be used in a weekly newsletter to nurture leads by highlighting customers in a round-up style featurette. Another great place to use a customer spotlight would be in a digital ebook, where you can link out to the video that highlights a successful customer highlight.

FAQ Videos

FAQ videos are used to put you two steps ahead of your lead by providing answers to frequently asked questions. This type of video provides value and saves both your prospective customers and your sales team a lot of time. Pick your top five to ten frequently asked questions and create a series of videos to address these questions. You can even use an animated, explainer video style graphic to help explain complicated answers, although the best FAQ video is short and sweet. You should aim to answer 75-90% of the questions, but feel free to leave it open ended so your lead will reach back out to follow up.

Best Practices: FAQ Videos are great as part of an email funnel or sales sequence. Your sales can also use FAQ videos when communicating with clients. For example, when they follow up with a lead, and instead of asking if the lead has any questions, they can forward the video with a thoughtful disclaimer, like “We know you have questions, so we created an FAQ video to answer a lot of what you might be thinking. Want to check it out?”

Product Review Videos

Product Review videos are great for lead nurturing because they provide potential prospects a third party opinion on your product. This type of video can be incredibly valuable to your leads because they are already going to be looking for reviews about your product before they decide to buy. By getting ahead of the curve and providing your own product review video as part of your internal marketing funnels, you can keep your lead engaged with your own content channels instead of looking for an outside source. When consider who should review your product, try identifying “influencers” who review similar products through their own channels on social media in order to tap into their unique audience and add credibility to the review. Alternatively, you can also partner with a customer to review your product and give their real world opinion on the experience.

Best Practices: Product review videos are perfect for social media channels, and can be great addition to webinar. As a bonus, invite the influencer or customer to review the product live – as long as you’re confident they’ll have a good experience.

Event Videos

Event videos showcase your company in action by hosting or participating in a cool event. Event videos tend to provide value to your prospective leads by humanizing your company and giving a face to your brand. In the best case scenario, an event video not only features your company out and about, but features your customers engaging with your product or participating in your service and getting their live reactions. Some examples include a test drive day for an automotive company or a “free spa day” for a cosmetic or massage company.

Best Practices: Event videos are best for lead nurturing in a newsletter event-highlights format that spotlights weekly news and happenings for your company. You can also share event videos on social media and tag customers who attended and provided their info to help share the video.

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Final Thoughts

Lead nurturing is a critical part of any sales funnel and crucial not to overlook. It’s easy to want to jump straight to the sale after attracting your customers and engaging them enough to hand over their information, but lead nurturing is where you will make or break your sale. Make no mistake – in a lot of ways, lead nurturing is playing the long game. But after providing consistent value to your future customers, you’re not only encouraging them to buy your product or service, but you are building a relationship that will go beyond a single sale and transform into long-term brand loyalty. Everyone appreciates a resource they can turn to for valuable information, and everyone loves to shop with brands they trust. By lead nurturing with video content, you can do both: provide value and build trust.

If you’re looking to find out more about how video content can help you with nurturing your prospective leads, we’d be happy to jump on a call and share more about what we know. We even offer popular packages for the express purpose of nurturing your leads. Let’s chat today!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey