Is Your Business Video a Commodity or an Investment?

Business videos are the new, trendy dj at the club – popular and appealing. Why? They work. No company would have ever thought of starting without a website five years ago. Today, that statement is true for video marketing.

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With this in mind, should you look at your business video production as a commodity or as an investment? Are you making your business video a commodity by focusing only on price, or do you really believe in what video marketing can do for you? The difference in your attitude can make a huge difference in your entire campaign!


If your video is just a commodity to you, then the only thing you are worried about is getting a low price. However, if you are looking to cheaply produce a video in a high revenue industry such as real estate or luxury life coaching, you may be in for quite a surprise! Your competitors are investing in their business videos, showcasing their best qualities to an audience with the budget to actually afford their services. Your business is not a Walmart – you should be more concerned with the conversion rates and the full range of revenue opportunities for your video!


Is your brand identity one of cost-effectiveness or one of quality? Could you be a business that brands itself on both notions? Either way, the commodity video that cuts corners in order to maintain an arbitrary budget may not have the necessary components for a luxury brand or a long-lasting, quality brand that people will invest in over time. Consider how your audience will view your video five years from now in order to determine your investment today. You do plan to be in business five years from now, right?


The perception that customers have of your video will be the perception that they have of your company as a whole. This is known as the “halo effect” – we all do it. If you are willing to invest in your own production, then customers will be more likely to believe that you will invest in them. This is the primary perception that you should be concerned with if you plan to keep your customers for a long time.


If you are planning on producing a budget video on a budget time schedule and throw it on YouTube like spaghetti on the wall, that is definitely one way of doing business. Meanwhile, your competition is learning absolutely everything about the performance of its video, split testing and researching in order to appeal to its audience and streamline its sales on. Their results are quantified, not based on emotion or empty social media views. What kind of return are you looking for?

Your Move

Lemonlight wants to help you turn your business video into an investment that can last you for years. We do not just talk investment – we are the company that will hold your hand through the video production and the video marketing process!