How Video Content Can Transform Your Recruiting Efforts

For HR teams and hiring managers, the recruitment process can be extended, drawn-out, and quite frankly, exhausting. From screening to interviewing to evaluating candidates, many steps have to take place before your company can hire the right person for the job.

Thankfully, one way you can speed up the process is by adding more videos to every step of your recruiting process. Video is a powerful medium that can help you screen candidates, tell your story, and share valuable information with applicants. Here’s are just a few ideas for using video content to transform your recruiting efforts.

Show Who You Are and What You’re All About

You want to find the right person to hire, but employees want to know they’re a good match for the company, too. Before they sign an offer letter (or even move forward with an interview), they’re going to need more information about what your organization does and why it’s the right work environment for them.

Filming a brand video or team video can provide an inside look into what it’s like to work for your company. You can even interview hiring managers, executive teams, and other employees on camera so candidates get a clear picture of the culture and what it’s like to be on the team.

Candidates who watch the video content about your company will get to know you better, and they may find that they’re more invested in the recruiting process now that they feel connected to the organization.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Video is a highly engaging medium, which means you can use it to keep candidates’ attention while they go through the screening process. Whether your video content consists of a two to three-minute recruiting clip or a longer career video, you’ll stand out from other companies who aren’t using video content.

To maximize these benefits, you should consider adding some elements of entertainment to your video. This doesn’t mean your content should go against brand voice or messaging, but it can be fun and engaging in a way that is authentic to your culture. Candidates want to connect with you, so let them do that through the video content you share online.

Be More Efficient with Your Process

You might be wondering how a video can make a difference with a process that can often feel drawn out. The beauty of video is that you don’t have to do away any of your existing steps, but having video content at the ready can speed up each touchpoint with candidates and give you an asset that you can reuse over and over again.

A few great options here are making a video that goes over your standard recruiting process and timeline, making a video that addresses applicant FAQs, or even requesting a video back from candidates in lieu of a phone screen or first interview.

These videos will be relevant indefinitely, presumably until your recruiting process changes or the content feels too out-of-date for further use. By that time, you may have racked up hundreds—or even thousands—of use cases and saved yourself countless hours.

Offer a Sneak Peek at the Job Description

A video is a powerful tool that can help candidates see what it takes to succeed in the role. Just as you can use video content to show what it’s like to work at your company, you can also show candidates what they’ll be doing if they join.

For instance, you can introduce the role and what it entails, or have a hiring manager show off all the exciting parts of the job. In both cases, your video content will add value to applicants by giving them a better idea of what they’ll be doing daily in this role. This is especially valuable for larger organizations that have relatively standardized roles, because you can reuse the same content every time you’re hiring for the role in question.

Tell Your Company’s Story

It probably goes without saying that video content can help you tell your company’s story, but it’s worth pointing out again. There are many aspects to this, including how you came up with the idea for your business or organization, what makes your products and services unique, why your brand is essential to the industry, and why you’re a part of something greater.

Along with telling your story, you can also use video content to show candidates how they fit into the picture. They want to know their role in all this, so let them see it from start to finish—from being inspired by a problem or issue in the world to creating something that helps people make an impact in their daily lives.

Make an Impression with Original Social Content

Behind-the-scenes content featuring employees in their day-to-day roles performs great on social media. In addition to helping you attract prospective candidates who might come across your brand on social media, it also adds a human element to the brand for customers and partners.

This is also a great way to help people who aren’t familiar with your company better understand what makes it different from others in the industry. If you’re not trying this already, consider working in a few video posts per month that relate to recruiting efforts.

Boost Your Search Efforts

Lastly, video is a powerful way to boost your search efforts and, ultimately, bring in more qualified candidates. The more videos you use across your website, the more likely you are to rank highly on search pages. Plus, you can even link to (or embed, depending on the platform) video content within your job descriptions to attract more candidates to each open role.

In today’s job market, it takes a bit more effort than usual for employers to stand out and to generate interest in job seekers. Video just might be the secret ingredient that transforms your efforts and brings you the perfect candidates.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the ways you can use video content to transform your recruiting efforts. What’s most important is that you remember video content should be more than just something you share on social media occasionally—it’s an integral part of your recruiting strategy, hiring process, and overall candidate experience.

As long as you have a strategy in place and know what to look for, there’s no doubt that video content will benefit your organization. Not only will you see a better return on investment, but you’ll also be able to build a more positive reputation as an employer, which is beneficial for every business. Try out these tips and let us know how they work for you!