How to Unlock Your Creative Potential to Revamp Your Video Strategy

Creative block can be a very real problem for people in all kinds of industries, and this is certainly true of those creating video content. It can be frustrating to feel like you are just chugging along trying to create new and unique content, but nothing that you come up with feels right. Ringing a bell?

If so, here are six ways to overcome creative block and get back to creating great video content.

Get Back to Basics

Getting back to the basics every now and again will help keep your feet on the ground and keep your mind focused on what you need to achieve.

Take a step back from the creative elements themselves and consider why you are creating video content in the first place. Brainstorm ideas and buzzwords about your brand and see where the thought process takes you. Think about your brand, your product or service, who you are trying to reach, and what you are looking to achieve by creating the type of video content that you do.

Find existing content that you are proud of and works well. Rewatch this old content and consider why you are proud of it and why it works well. If there’s anything you would do differently now, use that as inspiration for your next piece of content!

Research Your Competitors’ Content

Competitors can be more than just a thorn in your side. If you’re struggling for inspiration, take the time to research the kind of video content that your competitors are creating, and find out what’s working well for their audience.

Knowing who your competitors are and following the content that they’re creating can give you a new insight into what is working well in your industry. For all you know, your competitors could be creating video content targeted at a sector you haven’t considered, or they may have come up with a novel way of presenting themselves that their audience loves.

That’s not to say that you should replicate what your competitors do, but watching their content can set the creative cogs turning again. It may even bring forth ideas you never would have considered otherwise.

Reconnect With Your Audience

One way to get the creative juices flowing again is to reconnect with your audience to reaffirm what they want and how they want it. You can learn a lot from simply conducting a survey or arranging short interviews with passionate members of your audience.

Alternatively, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, and spend a few hours thinking as they do. Try to watch your existing content from an outside perspective and see if you can identify gaps that need filling. You can also use past metrics for this—if there’s a specific type of video content that really resonated with your audience, consider how you can create similar content in the future.

Use Deadlines and Limits

When used well, deadlines can act as a motivator rather than a stressor. The sky is often the limit with any creative work, and while this can be freeing, it can also have the opposite effect. Many people are overwhelmed by the options they have for creative content and the freedom they have to create something new.

You can restrict the effect of feeling like the possibilities are limitless by simply imposing a deadline and putting some constraints on your creative freedoms. The simple act of setting a viable deadline can really help break through the menace that is creative block. Putting the pressure on may not always be the solution, but sometimes, it’s just what you need to get over a creative slump.

Tackle Something Monotonous

When creative block gets problematic, tackling something monotonous can be a great way to set your creativity free again. Dealing with admin, reading paperwork you’ve been putting off, or even washing the dishes can help reset your brain.

Sometimes, the monotony simply gives you a chance to unwind and become more receptive to creativity. Other times, you might find inspiration where you least expect it. By turning your mind to focus on another task, you allow yourself a chance to pause—and many creatives find that this is when sudden inspiration strikes.

Don’t Fear Failure

People are often taught that failure is something to be afraid of and that we should avoid it at all costs—and this is especially common in creative industries. However, this is far from the truth.

By fearing failure, creative teams put limits on their potential. They stick to methods that are safe, rather than innovating and creating something unique.

Instead, creatives should look at failure as an opportunity to learn. If something doesn’t work, all is not lost. Take another look at what you created and consider what you would do differently. Chances are, there are elements of your content that did work—they may just need to be utilized slightly differently. You’ll only know if you try!

Just Start Filming

Lastly, overthinking a project can be the creative’s worst nightmare. Instead of spending hours struggling to plan your video content when you have creative block, pick up the camera, and just start filming anything that you are interested in or inspired by.

By just starting to film, especially if you don’t have a plan in place, you give your natural creativity a chance to flourish. Play around with camera angles, lighting, new formats, and any new techniques that you’ve always been curious about.

The simple act of just doing something can spark inspiration—and remind you why you love creating video content in the first place.


Creative block happens to the best of us sometimes, but it doesn’t need to stop you and your video content strategy in your tracks. By following these tips whenever you hit a mental snag, you’ll be back on track in no time.