How to Delight Past Customers with Video

We’re breaking down each stage of the buyer’s journey in this four-part series.

You did it! You’ve nurtured your leads through the decision stage of the buyer’s journey and turned them into sales! You now have a growing list of customers and followers who believed in you enough to give you a chance. So how do you keep them coming back?

While the buyer’s journey typically ends with the customer’s decision to buy, a customer’s first purchase is just the beginning of your customer and service-provider relationship. After a lead becomes a customer, there is still plenty you can do to encourage them to stay in touch, keep you as a resource, and return as a repeat customer. Continuing to develop these relationships by delighting your customers is key.

When it comes to delighting, video is one of the most effective tools for creating customer satisfaction. Whether it’s sharing tips and tricks, welcoming them into your community, or having fun with a holiday event, video is the best way to connect with your customers and keep them coming back for more!

Today, we’re going to cover how you can use video to effectively delight your fans, build stronger relationships, and transform one-time sales into brand-loyal evangelists!

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After someone has bought a product from you, it might feel like your job is done – both to you and to them. However, companies that succeed in creating repeat customers do so by continuing a dialogue and providing further value long after a sale is done.

Video is perfect for enhancing your customer’s experience and providing value after they’ve purchased your product. First of all, video makes brands feel more approachable, humanizing your brand with a friendly and helpful face. That’s why after watching a branded video they enjoyed, 83 percent of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. Plus, people connect with brands better through video, as video is the number one type of content consumers want to see from companies (especially on social media).

Video can delight customers by demonstrating for them how to get the most out of your product or service, inspiring them to stay involved with your brand’s mission and values, or asking them for referrals while sharing updated promotions for them to rebuy your services. As videos are shared 1200 percent more times than links and text combined, video is the best media for communicating these offers to customers.

Video makes brands feel more approachable to consumers.

To connect with them! People connect with other people, so the more relatable you are, the more people will trust you and buy your product or service. If you establish a level of trust beyond a one-time purchase, you can become a customer’s go-to source for new products or repeat purchases in the future.

Delighting is about continuing a conversation. It’s not about trying to shove them back into your sales funnel as quickly as possible; it’s about creating a positive experience that will have them thinking back on their purchase fondly, and think of you first the next time they’re looking for a product or service in your specialty.

As anyone who has worked in customer service knows, customers can be quite needy, especially after paying good money for a product or service. The last thing you want is to spoil a good sale by a bad customer experience. At best you’ll have lost a second sale, and at worst you’ll have an angry yelp review to answer for.

Video Marketing Funnel

Ultimately, by delighting customers who’ve already bought from you, you’re encouraging them to take their positive experiences and spread the word about your brand to convince their friends, families, and extended networks to choose you, too.

When aiming to delight customers, there are a few key types of video content to consider.

A welcome video welcomes a customer to your community and onboards them, explaining any next steps associated with your product.

A tips and tricks video shares insider-knowledge and best practices your customers can use to get the most out of your product or service.

A thank you video thanks a customer for their first-time purchase or years of loyalty, and makes them feel at home with your brand.

An FAQ video answers the most common questions about your product before your customers even have to ask.

The goal of any video you create to delight your customers should be to make them feel comfortable with their decision to buy from you, and provide added value to their purchase.

Delight-stage videos can thank a customer for their purchase, onboard and welcome a customer to your community, educate customers and help them thrive with your product, or provide a quick and fun snapshot of your brand.

Try using video in the winter holiday season to delight and inspire repeat customers, or use video replies to answer direct mentions from your customer base. Launch live video Q&A sessions for your followers to get their questions answered directly!

Remember – it’s called “delighting” for a reason. Not all relationships have to provide value strictly in an economical or educational sense. Sometimes, the value we get comes in the form of fun or entertainment.

After converting a sale, the delight stage is all about staying on your customers’ radar so they stay interested in your brand for future purchases.

Since you’ve already secured your first purchase from your customers in this stage, any video that delights a customer is technically a success. The longer they watch your video, the easier it is to monitor if they’re being delighted, so pay attention to views, view through rate, and impressions to track how “delightful” your videos really are. Don’t forget to check the comments on your social videos to gauge customer satisfaction levels. Love it or hate it, people will tell you how they really feel.

If you’re tracking your customers properly, you should also focus on return visits and repeat purchases to see how well these videos are converting. Not only will this data give you a good snapshot of how successful your delight videos are at building on existing customer relationships, it’ll show you how trusted your brand is becoming post-purchase.

The key metrics to pay attention to in this stage are:

  • Return Visits
  • View Through Rate
  • Social Engagement
  • Favorability Lift
  • Repeat Purchases

Compared to other stages, revenue coming from delighting your customer should be easier to track, since you already have a purchase on file and should have contact information and some kind of user profile for each customer.

You can apply the percentage of repeat purchases to your total number of return website visitors to track how well your videos are performing. Every return visit won’t correlate to a new sale, but tracking their behavior will give you a good idea of how many return visitors do end up converting.

It’s understandable to be skeptical of the value behind delighting customers with video marketing, which has a stigma of being expensive. If it doesn’t result in immediate sales, it can’t possibly have a positive ROI, right? While it’s good to be skeptical, there’s no arguing with the power of a loyal customer base, and video is one of the best tools in your marketing toolbox to build one.

When customers have a positive experience with your company, they’re more likely to come back, which is why videos that delight can be so successful at turning a one-time sale into a lifelong customer. Delight stage videos provide value, build trust, and tell genuine stories that resonate with people long after they’ve bought your product. A little goes a long way, and showing you care by providing content even after they’ve handed you their money can do wonders.

Think of it this way: you’ve done all of the work to convince a customer to buy your product. You’ve put so much work into the relationship already – don’t let them become “the one who got away.”  If you show them you care, they’ll keep coming back.

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey