How to Attract Customers Through Video

If you were given the secret to increase the amount of customers to your business, we know you wouldn’t say no. Video is the magic medium through which this is made possible! In Lemonlight’s new Frequently Asked Questions Video Series, we answer some of your most pressing questions. This video focuses on attracting more customers to your business!

You decided that video was the way to go, and now you have a great one! The next question might be obvious, but it’s important – what do you do now? Share it with the world, of course!


Make sure you spread your video everywhere! Think of your video like a TV commercial – commercials attract people every day to buy products, services or to learn more about brands. They run morning, noon and night in order to stay relevant and drive business. Just as a commercial attracts individuals through television, online marketing has skyrocketed in recent years and is one of the top ways to bring business straight to your door.


You know your video is great – but what makes it so amazing? It’s authentic, fun, creative and most of all, engaging! This is the key to attracting customers. An engaging video will keep the viewers’ attention, way more than text or photos alone! They will want to know more about what you have to offer and will be buying your product or services in no time.


Rule #1: People connect with other people! We know you can’t schedule meetings with every potential customer or client face to face – so that’s where video comes in! Video is your way to chat with your target audience.

Share stories, testimonials and relevant information with your viewer.

The more relatable you are, the more people will trust you, and buy your product or service. If people see that others have used your product and love it – they will want in too!