How Many Videos Does Your Small Business Need?

Let me stop you right now. You’re probably thinking, “Wait—I need more than one video? One is expensive enough!” You’re running a small business, after all—you can’t afford to break the bank on marketing. But what if I told you the more videos you create, the more money you can actually make?

That’s right—there’s plenty of information about how beneficial video marketing is for your business, including its powers to help improve SEO, capture leads, and convert sales. The best way to unlock all that potential? Invest in multiple videos!

We know video can be expensive, so you want to keep costs as low as possible. You now know you need multiple videos, but how many do you really need?

Though every business is unique and these videos might not look or work the same way for every business, today we’re going to review the best and most necessary video types for your small business and why.

Let’s get started!

The Company Mission Statement Video

This should be an obvious one – so obvious, in fact, you may already have one! But it does need to be said: in order to promote your small business, you’re going to need to tell your brand’s story. How you do it is entirely up to you, but it must be done, and the best way to do that is with a brand video.

Brand videos are how you share your company’s mission and your founding story, if applicable, and introduce your viewers to the reason why behind your company. You’re addressing a problem you saw needed a solution. You want to make a difference in a community or an industry where you have a personal connection. Maybe you’re a family business with multiple generations working together – highlight that!

Above all else, this video is for attracting new customers by connecting them to your brand story, your brand style, and your brand mission. Post your brand video on your website, share it periodically on your social accounts, run it as a video ad to attract new viewers, use it in email marketing campaigns, or use it to cross-promote your company in a guest post. Without one of these, you’re missing a crucial selling point of your small business.

This is one of our favorite brand videos from SONDORS Electric Bikes:

Even though this is for a crowdfunding campaign, watch how they use style and humor to communicate their vision and give credit (and even cameos) to their loyal customers!

The Product Video

The product video is another essential video for your small business. A product video is a video focused on a specific product or service. If you only sell one product, this should come easily. If you sell multiple products, pick your top seller or one you want to better promote, and dedicate a video solely to that one product.

Product videos are typically less aspirational than brand videos, but that doesn’t mean they have to be all tech specs and marketing buzzwords. There are plenty of ways to bring product videos to life with unique style and vision.

Their main purpose? To engage online visitors and nurture prospective clients or customers by succinctly summarizing what you do and how your product or service works, especially if you’re running an ecommerce company.

The product video can be vital as part of your sales funnels, great for explaining how a product works on your Amazon or Shopify pages, and solid as social media and email marketing content, as well.

Check out this great lifestyle-meets-product video example for the Jackery by NextSmart:

The Customer Testimonial

It’s been said before, but the best way to sell your business is to let your customers do the talking, and because video is such a powerful medium, there’s no better way to share what your customers have to say than through video!

Customer testimonial videos are powerful tools for a small business, especially when you don’t have the brand recognition of bigger companies to back you up. There’s no better way to nurture leads into potential customers than providing them value, and customer testimonial content does just that, moving leads from the consideration to decision stages.

Customer testimonials can look a few different ways: they can be in the form of a customer spotlight video, where the video is all about the customer and how your company helped them with their problem; they can be a before and after video, where you show your client or customer before your service, and then again after; or they can be an event video, where you capture real-time reactions from fans and customers who want to gush about your business on camera.

This is one of our favorite testimonial examples from On Demand Advisors because it provides specific, tangible results the customer got after working with the company:

The How-To Video

The how-to video is the last of the final four must-have videos for your small business. According to Small Biz Trends, how-to videos are now the second most-watched videos on YouTube (behind “Entertainment”), averaging 8,332 views per video. Viewers of all ages are using YouTube to figure out how to do everything from change a tire, install an app, write an article, become rich and famous, break up with an ex, and more, which means your small business HAS to invest in at least a couple how-to videos to promote your services.

How-to videos are especially good for engaging prospective leads looking to learn more and delighting current customers. Consider topics your business could cover. There’s the obvious: a how-to video explaining how to use your product. You can create how-to videos on topics related to your company’s products or industry. Or what about a how-to video on how to deal with issues your potential customers face on a daily basis?

Check out this simple example from Trakk Tech on how to use their product, the Activ Speaker:

The Tips and Tricks Video

After creating the four types of videos above, you’re going to want to round out your video marketing strategy with a few additional videos that provide value and move users through the marketing funnel.

A tips and tricks video can do just that, offering insider-style information on the best ways to use your product, or offering tips about a trouble area your customers face related to your product.

If the information you’re providing is interesting, entertaining, or thought-provoking enough, users will take notice – and they’ll take an interest in the source of that information. That means you’re providing value to them. The more videos of this type you create, the more you can get your name out there and attract new audiences by positioning your company or spokesperson as an expert or thought leader.

Check out this video from Emory Healthcare that doubles as a tips and tricks and educational video at once:

The Welcome or Thank You Video

For small businesses like yours, good business is all about building strong relationships. What better way to build strong relationships than with a personal touch? That’s why welcome videos, where you on-board a customer and explain next steps, or thank you videos, where you thank a customer for choosing you or simply for their loyalty over the years, are great tools for building stronger brand-customers relationships.

While they might not result in driving immediate sales, this type of video content is aimed at delighting customers. When customers have a positive experience with your company, they’re more likely to come back, which is why welcome and thank you videos can be so successful at turning a one-time sale into a life-long customer. A little goes a long way, and showing you care by providing content even after they’ve handed you their money can do wonders.

Check out this great example of a welcome video by Zengo Cycle:

And check out this simple, but sweet thank you video by Little Red Feather Racing:

The Main Takeaway? Create a Video Series!

Gone are the days of creating a single explainer video, slapping it on your homepage, and calling it a day. While you should still definitely do that, because the content lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter, content creators now need more and more content to keep up the pace.

Instead of investing a massive amount on a one-time, one-and-done commercial, why not create a series of multiple videos you can use across multiple platforms and mediums to reach your marketing goals? They can be different, but united by theme, style, or subject matter. The more planned out and consistent they feel in terms of quality and look, the more they’ll help you establish a cohesive brand for your company.

Looking for a video partner to help you get your video marketing game plan up to snuff? We can help! Schedule a call with one of our creative producers today and we’d be happy to explore what the perfect video marketing package looks like for your small business!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey