How Many ‘Hats’ Have You Tried on at Your Company?

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel as though you’re responsible for a million different aspects of your business. It’s your vision after all: You created it. Who else could possibly be better suited than you to make sure different areas are running smoothly?

Well, it turns out the answer is a lot of people — but that doesn’t mean you should forego all involvement. 

As Pathgather’s chief revenue officer Nick Gidwani, recently noted in the Harvard Business Reviewleaders have to find a balance between moving their business forward and giving employees support. That support can take many different forms, but as you divert your energy toward working on the business, as opposed to in it, you need to devote equal time to the various departments that make up your operations.

Maybe you neglect a department because you really trust the person in charge, or because you’re heavily involved in another department, and your time is compromised. For me, it’s usually because I know less about some particular area. And, yes, I’ll admit it: Of all the entrepreneurial hats I have to wear, I naturally spend less time in those that aren’t as comfortable for me.

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Hope Horner

Hope Horner