How Can Online Video Distribution Benefit My Small Business?

We’ve all seen commercials on television. One second, you’re watching your favorite drama, sitcom, or sporting event, and the next, you’re singing along to that annoying pizza commercial jingle, while simultaneously contemplating ordering pizza for dinner. If you flip the channel to Nickelodeon, you may notice the commercials look slightly different – bring on the action figures, barbies, and ring pop advertisements!

Distribution Services Essentially Turn Your Videos Into PreRoll Commercials

Just like a traditional television commercial, PreRoll commercials run directly in front of target audiences and relevant content online. Unlike traditional commercials, however, PreRoll commercials allow audiences to directly engage with advertisements. Viewers will have the automatic ability to click through to sign up for events, purchase products, or request additional information.

Online distribution services allow you to create “top of the mind brand awareness” by allowing you to control who sees your video. You have the ability to target people based on their geographic location, age, gender, interests, income, spending habits, and other relevant demographic information!

Distribution Services Are More Effective Than Traditional Advertising 

Although television commercials dominated the advertising scene for years, digital video distribution is now the most effective way to advertise. For one, many viewers have ditched linear programming for the convenience of video on demand, drastically decreasing the number commercials to which they’re exposed. Others have ditched traditional television services altogether for online video programs like Netflix and Hulu.

With over 400,000 new videos uploaded every day, online video distribution is by far the best way to communicate your message to potential customers. Video distribution platforms allow you to distribute your video throughout cyberspace in a matter of seconds. Rather than just appearing on your website and social channels, your video will play before target audiences every time they surf the web. Adding an effective “call-to-action” will generate more clicks to your video and increase the traffic to your website!