How Cameo Is Proving the Power of Personalized Video Content

For years, video marketing experts (our team included) have been saying that personalized video would quickly take the world by storm. After all, we have the technology for personalized video content to exist. There’s no reason that you can’t incorporate it into every element of your business with practices like custom sales prospecting messages or individual customer support messages on camera.

And slowly but surely, personalized video content is entering the mainstream conversation in increasingly powerful ways. Today, the example we want to talk about is Cameo.

If you’re not familiar, Cameo is an online platform that allows you to purchase custom video messages from your favorite celebrities, influencers, industry professionals, and other notable people. Depending on the popularity of the person you want a message from, your cost per video could range anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

When you purchase your video, you include details about what you want the message to talk about. For example, if you wanted your best friend’s favorite basketball player to wish her happy birthday, you would make a request that includes details like, “Please wish my best friend Emma a happy 20th birthday!”

Then, the person you’ve requested a video from (Cameo refers to the content creators as “talent”) reviews the information you’ve provided, records a custom video with your request in mind, and sends it back to you.

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Regardless of how you feel about this concept (and some people do have a problem with the idea of buying a message from a celebrity), it does prove the demand for personalized experiences and personal video content.

Think about it—most of the people you can purchase a message from on Cameo probably have hundreds of videos of them on the Internet. As a fan, you probably wouldn’t have a hard time finding content that would entertain you or allow you to learn more about that person’s life. But, you would have a hard time finding content that felt like it was aimed at you, personally.

Cameo bridges that gap, bringing your favorite talent to you—not just to an interviewer, a talk show host, or their collective fan base, but to you specifically.

What does this mean for your sales and marketing efforts? People want to feel an authentic connection with the person on the other side of an interaction, whether that’s a personal interaction or a business interaction. It feels good to be heard and recognized as an individual person rather than a marketing metric or a revenue number.

When you start treating your customers like individuals, they feel more connected to your brand. They feel like they know you and what your company is about, and they’re more likely to become naturally interested in your offering. One great way to start treating your customers like individuals? Personalized video content.

If you want our tips for how to get started, two easy places to start are personalized sales video and personalized customer support videos. In each case, you’re likely already interacting on a one-on-one basis with a member of your audience. Sales calls are typically individual by nature, and customer support calls have to be individual so that you can solve a problem for a specific person.

Most of these situations are handled with emails or phone calls, but we challenge you to try taking it to video and see how it impacts your business.

When you make the shift, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use the person’s name when you greet them at the beginning of the video. This makes it clear right away that your message is meant only for them, and they’re less likely to stop watching in the middle.
  • Use the personalization to your advantage. If you’re making a personalized sales call, for example, talk about how your product or service might apply to the specific person you’re talking to. Use what you know about their situation and their pain points to give relevant tips and information. You’ll probably find that you can convince them to give your brand a try more successfully than you would with your typical canned pitch.
  • Double check that you send the right video to the right person. If you start doing this at scale, you might find that you’re sending dozens of custom messages on a regular basis. Don’t make the mistake of sending a message intended for one person to someone else. This immediately takes away any credibility you might have earned by tailoring your content.
  • Experiment with your approach and take note of what works and what doesn’t work. Try short videos and longer videos, videos where you say the person’s name five times and videos where you say it once, and so on. Over time, you’ll learn how your audience tends to react to your content, and you can use that to improve.

If you’re still not convinced that personalized video content is the future of marketing, test it out by spending a few dollars on a Cameo video from someone you admire. Chances are, once you feel what it’s like to be on the receiving end of custom content, you’ll be sold.

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam