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Great Video Marketing Starts with the Script

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If your video marketing script does not make sense on paper, it will make even less sense on camera. You need a great foundation in order to successfully tell a convincing story. Here are our top six tips to help you formulate a killer brand video script!

1. Say stuff, then shush.

Your video should be no longer than four minutes, and you should expect the average viewer to stay for less than two of those minutes. Keep this in mind as you write your script. The average reading pace is two words per second, so use this as a reference point. A one-minute video should be about 120 words, a two-minute video should be about 240 words, and so on.

2. Get to the point quickly.

In order to be successful with video marketing, you should hit your main point within the first half minute of your video. Viewers often decide whether or not to watch an entire video based on the first eight seconds they watch, so make these seconds eye-catching and engaging.

3. Authenticity is key.

With video marketing, using second person point of view is scientifically proven to engage your audience more. Tell your audience what you can do for them; don’t brag about your own accomplishments.

4. Remember what Will Smith taught you.

Will Smith popularized a little-known fact about communication in the movie Hitch. Ninety percent of communication comes from tone, not the actual words that are spoken. Create a mental picture of your target market and imagine how they’d like to be spoken to. Use the words they want to hear, but also focus on tone, cadence, and body language.

5. Tell your unique story.

Facts and statistics are only good in a presentation if they add to an entertaining story. Tell the story of how your company came to be, what makes you different from the competition, and what your unique value proposition is.

6. Make them laugh, but not too much.

The right amount of humor loosens up your audience and engages them with more content. However, you’re not trying to be Louis C.K. Find the right balance of humor, but don’t force it.

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