5 Tips for Making a Team Video for Your Company

Having a great company culture is a great way to set your company apart—especially in today’s challenging hiring market. One way to show off your company culture? A team video. A high-quality team video will help attract prospective employees and give your customers just one more reason to choose you over the competition. After all, people like to buy from companies they feel good about, and giving a glimpse behind-the-scenes is a great way for viewers to connect with the company.

With all those benefits in mind, keep reading to learn our five best tips and tricks to launch a team video for your organization.

What is a team video?

A team video is a video that focuses on your company’s internal team, highlighting what it’s like to be an employee in the company or organization. You may choose to show off individual team members’ day-to-day tasks, share the story of how the internal workings of the company evolved, or even capture events or fun team activities. In any case, you’ll be giving viewers a glimpse at the humans behind your brand.

Team videos work great for showing customers and potential employees the team they’ll actually be working with. They also give your employees a unique opportunity to talk about what drives them and what they’re most passionate about when it comes to your company. Don’t be surprised if your team video makes a great asset to bring in new applicants and customers.

Does my business need a team video?

Similar to a lifestyle or brand video, team videos are all about the “why” of your company—but with a twist. Instead of using flashy visuals or inspirational voice-over, team videos share your company’s why with a personal touch.

As an example, check out this fantastic team video we created for our client 24Hr Home Care.

As you can see from the video, the 24Hr Home Care team really cares about what they do, and you see the company’s “why” coming across in every employee interview and every shot of the team interacting. Even as each employee offers their own personal “why” to explain why they love being part of the team, the collective mission of the company comes into focus.

That’s why team videos can be beneficial across every stage of your marketing funnel, from attracting new customers with paid ads, engaging visitors on your website, nurturing leads into customers through social media and email newsletters, and delighting followers or new customers as part of an onboarding series.

Additionally, team videos can be great for growing your team. You can use them in paid ads to attract potential candidates, or feature them in a partner’s blog post to show what your company does. You can even use a particularly strong team video as part of the onboarding process for new hires once they’ve joined the team. Nothing like a little team spirit, right?

Last but not least, your team video might be the differentiating factor that sets you apart from competitors. As we’ve mentioned, today’s consumers want to purchase from brands they connect with. Especially if you work in an industry where there’s not much differentiation among product sets, letting people get to know the personalities behind the company can tip the scales in your favor.

5 Tips for Creating Your Own Team Video

While team videos might seem pretty straight forward, there are countless ways you might choose to approach your own team video. Here are five of our best tips!

1. Involve your team throughout the process.

The goal of your team video is to showcase the personality of your business, so don’t leave the creative decisions to just your executives or marketing department. You might even be surprised at the creative talent you uncover in your employees!

To get started, gather your team and work with them to discover what they’re most passionate about. What story do they want to tell about your company? What type of video are they interested in creating? What do they think will perform best with either customers or prospective employees?

Take the time to listen to everyone’s ideas and come to consensus. Not only will this result in a better video, but it’s a fun team building exercise, as well.

2. Interview your employees as if creating a customer spotlight or testimonial.

Customer spotlights and testimonials are documentary-style videos where you interview a customer or partner business and let them tell the world in their own words what they like or liked about working with your company.

When setting out to create a team video, try treating your employees more like customers than employees—and get to the heart of what they love most about doing business with you. What is it that brings them to work every day? Why do they like working with your company? What really motivates them about their role for your organization?

Even if the team video you create is more fun and spirited than emotional or inspirational, it’s still good to go through this process. You never know what perfect nugget of marketing gold you might capture via a six-second sound bite that your team might have otherwise withheld or not even thought of without being put on the spot.

Plus, whether you’re interviewing customers or employees, by letting your subjects tell you what they value about you in their own words, you can often see a genuine reflection of the company and culture you’ve created. You might learn some things you didn’t even realize – for better or for worse – by asking them these questions.

If your employees are camera-shy or don’t quite know how to prepare for these interviews, check out this article to help put them at ease.

3. Use employee-focused events for inspiration.

In the same way you want to interview your team to find out what drives their passion for your company, you want your team video to actually show your team interacting. One creative and simple way to get this footage is by creating a team video around a team event.

For example, we created this video for our client Brightstar Care during their Nurse of the Year award ceremony for one of their top nurses:

In the video, you can see how the team at Brightstar treats each other as family by the way they celebrate one of their own. Using team-oriented b-roll footage, we were able to show the team celebrating cut together with interviews about how award recipient Robin Roach inspires and uplifts others. Team videos that highlight individual employees are a creative way to show how even one member can inspire a whole team.

Other events you can use to collect footage for your team video include holiday parties, year-end celebrations, “bring your family to work” days, community-oriented events, showrooms or festivals you might be attending or sponsoring, industry mixers or conventions that multiple team members attend, and many more.

4. Think outside the box and get creative.

Originality is important for your brand, but imperative for your team video. You’re creating this to differentiate yourself, so think beyond what everyone else is doing. Think about how can you create a team video that shows off your individual team members in a creative way – and don’t be afraid to get inspiration from creative places!

For example, our team got pretty creative for one of our first team videos:

If you couldn’t tell, we took inspiration from the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs. Borrowing the basic concept of a crew strolling by to music, we gave it our own twist—or squeeze, if you will. We updated the look, the music, and the editing to add our own personal spin, showing off the personalities on our team.

You can similarly generate creative and unique ideas by surveying your team for what type of videos, movies, and music they like. By pilfering through your employee’s personal taste for inspiration, your team will feel even more involved and inspired about what you’re creating because their input was used from the very start.

Plus, by keeping the process fun, you’ll keep your employees engaged and excited, which is when the creative magic happens!

5. Above all, be authentic.

It’s easy for businesses to come across like faceless entities throwing around marketing dollars for pretty visuals. That’s why one of the best reasons to create a team video is to humanize your brand.

This is your chance to show the world who you really are and what it’s like to work with you. It’s also a really great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

Are you quirky? Conservative? Trendy? Old school? Show it! If you’re a quirky ragtag team of oddballs and goofs, you can make a quirky ragtag video to attract like-minded customers and potential candidates. If you’re a company of buttoned-up, all-about-the-numbers corporate professionals, by all means, make a corporate buttoned-up video that’s all about the numbers.

By creating an authentic team video, your authenticity will shine through and let customers emotionally connect with your team—whoever you may be.

Bonus tip: don’t forget who your audience is, either.

While it’s important to be yourself, it’s also important to think about who you’re trying to attract. For example, if you’re trying to attract buttoned-up corporate clients, it’s probably not a good idea to create a quirky, oddball team video, unless you’re a “fly in the face of the status quo” type of team and can show how your culture benefits your professional clients.

You should also keep in mind your prospective audience. No matter who they are, they’ll want to see how your team video benefits them as quickly as possible, which will affect things like your video’s length and more.

Like any other marketing video, you want to get to the point and fast so you don’t lose your viewer’s attention. As much as you love your team, your viewers won’t see what you see unless you keep it snappy and to the point!

Consider creating multiple versions of your team video that appeal to various audience segments across different channels—for example, create a 15-second version for paid ads, a 30-second version for social, and a two-minute version for your website. With this approach, you can give each audience what they want to see.

Ready to capture your team’s magic?

We can help!

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you, which is why it can be helpful to work with an outside video team to help capture the passion and majesty of your own! Let us cover team events, create docu-style internal testimonials, or even recreate your team’s favorite movie scenes for fun! Even if you’re not fully committed to creating a team video just yet, give us a call—we’re happy to brainstorm fun, creative ideas with you just for inspiration!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey