8 Reasons to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Adding video content to your marketing strategy can seem daunting – we get it! Although video is rapidly becoming the most powerful form of advertising, incorporating video takes time and money. If you’re still looking for that final nudge, here are eight reasons you need to start producing video content that complements your marketing strategy.

1. Higher SEO Ranking

According to Forrester, you are 53 times more likely to get an organic page rank in Google with a video than with just plain text. Google doesn’t shy away from letting the world know they favor their own products. Adding your video to YouTube and creating a relevant meta description is going to give you extra SEO points!

2. An Increase In User Engagement

Video keeps the viewer entertained. Fifty-five percent of people watch videos online every day (MWP Digital), but it’s imperative that you grab and KEEP your viewer’s attention in the first five seconds. If your video isn’t engaging, say goodbye to the viewer.

3. Higher Conversions

Including a call-to-action during your video gives the viewer something to do once they’ve watched the video.Video makes it easy for consumers to get closer to you and your business, increasing their level of trust and your credibility. One of the number one ways to increase conversion is by evoking emotion. Video does just that, so take advantage of this powerful feature!

*Pro tip: Adding your video to your homepage has also been proven to increase conversions (RendrFX).

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4. The Human Connection

Video is a great way to connect with someone. Human connection is formed when the viewer can see the person talking, hear the passion behind the brand, and understand the product or service. This is something that completely sets video marketing apart from every other form of marketing.

5. Accessibility to Consume

People are consuming content less and less on desktops and laptops and more on mobile devices. Whether consumers are on the go from meeting to meeting or picking up their child from school, consumption of content on a mobile device is on the rise. Just as the platform of consumption has changed, marketers have to adapt to fit these needs. Video fits into the on-the-go lifestyle as the viewer can consume the video quickly and easily.

6. Cover Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. Video can be used during every stage of the journey to really help push your buyer through the buying process. Seventy-eight percent of people watch online videos every single week (MWP Digital), so using video for the buying process will help to convey your message!

Download this video marketing worksheet to give you tangible steps to understand which type of video is best for you.

7. Build Trust and Credibility

Building that emotional connection builds trust and credibility, which leads to increased engagement. Video keeps people on your website longer – on average 88 percent longer, according to Forbes – which enables a consumer to spend more time learning about your company.

8. Increase Understanding

A one-minute video equates to 1.8 million words. Isn’t that powerful? Video allows you to transfer a plethora of information and feelings directly to your viewer. Add graphics and supporting visuals to elevate the viewer’s understanding even further.

Any marketer will tell you that the future of marketing lies with video. Yes, creating a video can seem daunting, but Lemonlight is here to help you every step of the way. People are looking for an easier and quicker way to digest information, so it’s important that we make it accessible for them. Wouldn’t you have rather watched a video to gain this information? Well, you can!