Do Landing Pages With Videos Convert Better? The Verdict For 2019

An increasing number of businesses are continuing to flock to the digital space in 2019. This makes sense – after all, operating online means you can sell around the clock, expand your reach to a global audience, and sell your products or services at a lower price due to lower operating costs.

But with these many benefits, you can expect some costs, too. Online marketplaces are now incredibly saturated, which means your presence needs to be truly remarkable in order to have any real impact on customers.

Luckily, a unique landing page can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal to combat market saturation.

A study by Nielsen found that, on average, you have about 10 to 20 seconds to make a strong enough impression to encourage people to stay on your landing page longer and hopefully convert.

To make the most of these valuable seconds (and to stand out among competitors), marketers are now making the switch to video landing pages. But do they actually lead to real boosts in conversion and revenue?

Let’s take a deeper look at this trend to find out whether or not it’s worth the investment.

The Bottom Line

Statistically, landing pages with videos do tend to convert better.

An investigation conducted by Imavex found that using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by over 130 percent – but don’t break out that video camera just yet! There’s more to it than just throwing up a video and hoping for the best.

It’s crucial to first understand why a video landing page might work for your business, the tools you’ll need to create a good quality video and the factors that make a video successful. Understanding what appeals to your users will allow you to create the perfect video for your particular use case.

Why do landing page videos work?

Breaking that 10-Second Barrier

Visitors generally decide within 10 to 20 seconds whether they’re going to remain on a landing page. A video allows you to convey your message faster and allows you to show off your benefits in a quicker and more efficient way.

Since landing pages with plain text and images are at the mercy of a user’s reading speed and scroll depth, a video helps you have more control over a user’s journey on your landing page. By getting your message down to a perfect 10-20 second video, you can rest assured your narrative will be conveyed to visitors within that exact time frame – no more, no less.

This could be particularly beneficial if you have a longer story to sell, a more complex product that requires a more detailed explanation or an inherently visual product (like clothing or beauty products) that could be better showcased with a stunning video.

Remember: Having visitors stay on your page longer is also better for SEO purposes. Google takes note of lower or higher bounce-back rates, so if your page provides users with what they want, it’ll help your site naturally rise in the search engine results.

Establishing Trust

BambooHR uses this brand video on their landing page.

Trust is a primary motivator for every purchasing decision made by a consumer. An engaging and authentic video that showcases your brand’s story can help build trust and humanize your brand.

By adding a face to your brand, you can add an element of accountability and trustworthiness to your messaging and provide deeper insight into your company and values.

Bonus Tip: Your entire landing page should work together to build trust and authority. This guide on landing page best practices is filled with valuable tips to supercharge your conversion rates and revenue.


While you might set out to create a bespoke video for your landing page, this video has a sphere of influence beyond just that one page. Videos make for extremely effective content on social media, as 53 percent of consumers state they’ve engaged with a brand after watching their video on social media. So even if your landing page is struggling to rank on search engines, you can still boost traffic and conversions through your landing page video.

Shareability attributes to a lot of video landing page success. If people find the video interesting, they’re likely to share it with their friends, family, and other acquaintances who may also be interested in what you’re selling.

Are video landing pages always the right choice?

A landing page video isn’t automatically going to give you good results. Poor videos can, unsurprisingly, have poor consequences and do more harm to your brand and conversion rates than good. So remember, a video landing page is not an automatic guarantee of increased conversion.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Videos being too long. Make sure you cater for increasingly shorter attention spans. It’s extremely rare for the average person to sit down and watch anything particularly long on their laptop or mobile. We live in the age of Vine, TikTok, GIFs, and other short and immediately consumable content. Make sure your videos fit into this. Keep them as short as possible while still getting your message across. Read our guide on picking the perfect length for your business video.
  • Videos with poor audio quality. Nobody wants to listen to something that is muffled, excessively quiet, or difficult to understand.
  • Videos with poor video quality. Similarly, if something is difficult to watch, users can’t distinguish what’s going on, or it simply looks outdated, they’re going to press pause and exit. You need to invest in your videos if you’re going to use them. Quality is key.

Producing a high-quality video for your landing page doesn’t have to be as damaging to your wallet as it seems. Plenty of video production agencies can help you create the perfect video at a price you can afford.

Then, when you need to put a landing page together, a simple tool like Paperform can help you produce a landing page in as little as 5 minutes. It has an easy UI that makes creating a landing page as easy as creating a Word document. The best part? You can easily embed videos to Paperform landing pages through YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.


Using a video on your landing page can be a game changer in 2019. It can take you from being one of many to a memorable stand out among your competitors – but only when done right. Using the right tools to create your landing page video is the most crucial aspect of creating the perfect landing page video. So go forth and experiment with video landing pages and watch the conversions roll in!


By Vrinda Singh of Paperform