Client Spotlight: The

For software companies, a common challenge is having difficulty in conveying how the platform integrates with the businesses that use it. It can be hard to illustrate the success of the software, how a business uses it, and the impact it has on success all at once. This video for our client The by Google is a perfect example of this concept done right. 

By positioning the software within a real business environment, the benefits of The speak for themselves. It’s much easier to understand how the process works and gleam the benefits of the software in context than it would be with a simple walkthrough of the software itself. 

The video uses a restaurant in Austin, Texas called Phil’s Ice House to highlight its use of The at its brick and mortar location. One benefit of the video is that it highlights key features like ease of setup that would resonate with a prospective business considering the software. It paints a clear picture of the symbiotic relationship between the software and the respective company, showing off both The and Phil’s Ice House in all their glory.

Finally, the video also succeeds in visually demonstrating how the app works. Images of the software platform itself are shown on-screen throughout the narrative that explains the process, so viewers can consistently link the benefits they’re hearing to the platform that makes them possible. 

Check it out below!

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam