Client Spotlight: Phyn

When people think of marketing videos, they often jump straight to the concept of a commercial. Commercials are designed to get attention, build brand awareness, and ultimately, drive purchases for your product or service. 

The video below is different. It’s a video we made for our client Phyn, a product that protects homes from water leaks and helps track usage. Rather than a commercial, it’s a “What to Expect” video about the product’s installation process, serving both the end-user (the customer) and the plumber who may be unfamiliar with the nuances of installation. Check it out below. 

As you can see, the video’s audience is people who have already purchased the product, so no commercial-style convincing is necessary. Instead, we helped Phyn delight their customers by creating a video that facilitates a simple, straightforward installation process. By sharing this video with customers who have just made a purchase, Phyn ensures that their experience using the product is enhanced. 

Companies often neglect people who have just made purchases, but these people are an important segment to target in your marketing efforts. How can you make recent customers more comfortable with their purchase? How can you make their experience easier? What questions or pain points can you anticipate or alleviate?

Next time you’re brainstorming new content, think about your recent customers and how you can better serve them. The benefits? You have fresh content and your customers are more satisfied with their experience, making them more likely to share your brand with others.

Plus, videos made for existing customers aren’t completely irrelevant to prospective customers. Take the Phyn video, for example. Because it shows off the key benefit of easy installation, it can also drive purchase intent for viewers who are still learning about the product and how it works. Talk about a win-win!

If you need help thinking through the best way to serve your recent customers, give us a call! We can help you create a video, like this one, that will make a difference in the way your customers experience your brand. 

Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam