Client Spotlight: ParTea

Meet Lemonlight client ParTea!

Massachusetts-based ParTea is all about their slogan: Infuse the booze. They offer blends of organic fruits, herbs, and spices packaged in tea bags to infuse in alcohol overnight. We had 30 short seconds to explain how this crowd pleaser works, and used a few special techniques to get the job done.

Speed up the process. While we don’t recommend cutting any corners with your own booze infusers, we sped up our footage to succinctly show the process of opening and steeping the product, emphasizing how easy it is to use.

Show the product in action. Instead of focusing on the bags themselves, we showed the process of making different kinds of drinks, utilizing the various flavors and types of drink combinations.

Slow down for emphasis. While most of the video uses sped-up footage, we chose specific moments, like 0:07 and 0:25, to slow the footage down just for a moment and let the viewer focus on the finished product – their delicious drinks!

Grant Harvey

Grant Harvey