Client Spotlight: Oat Foundry

For many brands, testimonials from satisfied customers are one of the most compelling forms of promotion. Testimonials work well in videos for several reasons; they’re authentic, they demonstrate real-world applications of a product or service, and they allow prospective customers to see how happy your brand made someone else. 

Brands that use testimonials in their videos often follow the same general format. You’ve probably seen countless examples of this kind of video, where the testimonial is the focus, and one happy customer shares their whole story at once. 

This video for our client, Oat Foundry, handles the testimonial a little bit differently. The video isn’t focused around the testimonial. Instead, the focus is on the explanation of how the engineering design service works. 

As an engineering design company, part of the appeal of Oat Foundry is the way they customize their approach for each client. Given this customization, it’s easiest to understand the design process by using an example case to walk viewers through the steps. Using an example case has another benefit—testimonial content. 

In the midst of the explanation of the design process, mini-testimonials from the cold brew company are incorporated. The customer adds his perspective for a few key points in the video, subtly lending credibility to the whole process.

This context adds a new dimension to the description of the brand offering because it allows prospective customers to imagine what the process would look like for their own brand. Viewers get an idea of Oat Foundry’s vision and how their process works, but they also get to hear from a satisfied customer and understand each step in the context of how it served the customer’s needs. 

Ultimately, this video is a reminder that there is no standard way to capture a brand’s story on video. Even for something as common as a customer testimonial, there is an opportunity to be creative and reframe the narrative according to your vision. 

Check out the video for yourself below!


Alexa Nizam

Alexa Nizam